Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Study in Browns

Katie over at Suicide Blonde suggested a one stop shopping post from Ruche (thanks Katie!). I used them back in November for this post, but they've got bunches of fun new stuff since then!
I'm in a very brown mood today (obviously). Yet I kind of like the way all the browns mix together. And yes, that skirt is not cheap. I didn't look at the price until I had attached it to the sweater in Photoshop. I guess that's kind of like not looking at the price until after you've punched in your credit card number and clicked "confirm". Good thing it's cute! I even have a hard time spending fake money. My poor kids when they get to be teenagers...only knockoffs and hand me downs for you! (We are all destined to become our mothers, aren't we?)

The scoop:
espresso bean short cardigan
empress golden jewel ring
espresso large hobo bag
peacock feather scarf
ivory lace mini skirt
military studded suede boots


my name is lauren. said...

those boots are awesome, and i love this outfit. it looks so chic, but still cozy.

Heather @ Alis Grave Nil said...

oh. em. gee. I love this outfit. I'm totally a brown person. Well, not that I am brown myself (I could seriously use a tan right now), but I like to wear brown. You get it. Anyhoo, this outfit is soooo ME. Love.

Tracy said...

Thanks you two! I too prefer the browns, I need to use more of them in my posts!


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