Thursday, January 21, 2010

What I Know About Australia

As promised, how to embarrass yourself in front of Australian.
Last week we went to dinner at the home of a teacher friend who was hosting an Australian teacher at her house. Delightful lady! I learned quite a few things about Australia....
  • A Back, Sack and Crack is a wax job that is popular among Australian men. It's just what it sounds like.
  • "Oi" is used for just about everything, depending on your voice inflection. Very useful word.
  • Friends are "mates". Don't call a lady a "shiela" (despite what you may have learned from the Crocodile Hunter).
  • Us Americans would say "doucebag", but in Australia they say "wanker". Brilliant.
  • The only people who wear their Uggs outside their pants (or Uggs with skirts) are "boguns" or "westies"...or as we Americans would say, white trash.
This, of course, would be the night I finally get up the courage to wear my new mini skirt...and fake Uggs.

The scoop:
Necklace, Ebay (The one I wore was from Target clearance awhile back. I found this one on Ebay yesterday and bought it for just $1.38...with free shipping!)
Skirt, Old Navy (in store clearance)
Scarf, Old Navy
Fake Uggs, Payless
Sweater, Forever 21 (Mine came from the Nordstrom Rack forever ago, but this one is pretty darn cute)
Cami, Forever 21
Hoohobbers Diaper Bag, Overstock (I made my own diaper bag, but this one is an ultra cute alternative, albeit a little expensive.)


cheyenne2 said...


Heather @ Alis Grave Nil said...

Wait, are you friends with Alyssa? If so, the degrees by which I am separated from you got reduced a whole bunch. Weird!

I've had the kids in my classes while they were here too. Such nice kids. I feel bad, my students are all making them perform like trained monkeys. I'm sure you didn't embarrass yourself--nobody does that like an ignorant 9th grader.

Tracy said...

@Cheyenne-I think if the trailer is done up as a tikki hut you escape white trash status and go straight to kooky.
@Heather-Yes! Alyssa and I are friends and funny! I knew you guys taught at the same place but didn't know you knew each other. Fun!!

Jenni said...

Kooky? Is that what I am now?

Heather @ Alis Grave Nil said...

OMG too weird. I'm teaching in the Ag Academy this year. This is too too much. :) Cool. Maybe one day we'll meet!

Leslee said...

LOVED the Australian lesson!! LOL!

I'm not a teacher, but I work for the school district... :-)

cheyenne2 said...

Oh! Kooky is much better! You are too funny!

cheyenne2 said...

I was just trying to be funny Tracy...not mean...sorry.

Tracy said...

You ARE funny!! Not mean at all, where did you get that idea? :) I love your comments!


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