Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Alter Ego

Anyone who knows me in real life can attest to the fact that I rarely dress like I blog. My closet, sadly, is not full of cute denim mini's, chic belts, and teal purses. But...I do own those boots. And they are, in the words of Barney Stinson...AWESOME. I've owned my fair share of imitation Uggs, and these are the best by far. (Especially since I got them on sale for $25). I do wish I had the guts to pair them with a mini skirt for a funky look like this! (I should just get over it and order the darn skirt!)
Ok blog world, your turn...what would you like to see in my next post? More dresses? More sequins? Less witty commentary? (I crack myself up...) Let me know!

The dish:
Tote, Target
Braided Belt, Charlotte Russe
Floral Teardrop Earrings, Charlotte Russe
Crochet Open Cardigan, Forever 21
Flying Bird Necklace, Forever 21
Denim Mini, Old Navy
Shirred Jersey Top, Old Navy
Airwalk Regan Boot, Payless


Kelly Gallagher said...

Keep up the witty commentary, it's my favorite part! I wish I dressed like your blog too. ;-D

The Teacher said...

If you wear uggs with a skirt, make sure I am not around. I might pull a "Northgate Lexus" and ruin them.

Your Husband

Lindsay said...

I'd like to see a fun professional outfit, and keep up the witty commentary!!! :)

Kelly L said...

Love it!


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