Monday, January 25, 2010

An Education in Cheapness

This swell little college inspired outfit from Antropologie will set you back $537. It's cute, but not 500 bucks cute. What kind of faux college student has that kind of cash to spend on clothes from Antropologie, anyway? (The answer is a kid with a credit card paid for by the parents). I was not that kid.

Here's the cheapskate's version. At about $400 less, you can afford to buy the books you'll never open for the class that you don't need! (I transferred colleges three times...I could make a whole second major out of classes I took that didn't count!)

The scoop:
Blazer, Old Navy
Camp Shirt, Old Navy
The Diva Skinny Jeans, Old Navy
Woven Waist Belt, Charlotte Russe
Steve Madden Tuxedo Flat, Nordstrom


Katie said...

I'm in love with those shoes! So cute! Do you remember if they came in black also?

Tracy said...

Yep, they come in black, too! They're on sale, down from $69.95. :)


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