Thursday, November 5, 2009

Budget Boho

Well hello there, bloggy world! I took a technology sabbatical the last few days...felt like I was staring at the computer just a wee bit too much. But I'm back for One Stop Thursday with a great store I discovered called Ruche. They call themselves "a modern boutique with a vintage look". I call them swell...It's like Antropologie, but cheap! Well, $250 isn't exactly cheap in my book, but it's a whole lot less than you'd spend for a similar look at ol' Antro. I'm in love with the grapes and berries drop earrings. So far I've resisted whipping out the credit card, but I'm tempted.
Do tell...have you ever bought anything you saw on this here blog? Perhaps next week I'll share the things I've blogged about and decided I couldn't live without.
Oh yes, a few of you have asked how to find the things I feature here...see those purple descriptions right down there? They are all linked straight to that item. Genius, eh?

The Goods:
mykonos vacation flowing cardigan
monsieur tillier chiffon tank
cinnamon floral flannel skirt
grapes and berries drop earrings
geranium stone embroidered clutch
cognac buckle tall riding boots
wool newsboy cap


my name is lauren. said...

the ruched site is amazing! i have no idea how you found this wonderful place, but i'm so glad you did and that you shared the wonderful secret with all of us :).

Kelly Gallagher said...

Welcome back! I was in need of my frugal fashion fix. :-) Don't know how you manage not to buy...


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