Sunday, June 13, 2010

Your Other Left...or Why I Don't Go to the Mall

Next week I'm going to Forever 21 for the first time since I started this blog. In fact, I haven't been to Forever 21 since I worked downtown and used to play hooky during lunch. I didn't even get a lunch (I worked through it in order to get out of work faster) but some days I would need to go to the "printer" or "take some photos" or someplace equally fake. Instead, I either drove around aimlessly trying to figure out why I was wasting my life working in a windowless office with a boss who was a cross between Martha Stewart and Hitler, or I'd go shopping. And feel guilty about it the whole time. Long story short, I haven't been to Forever 21 in a long, long time. Part of that is because the only one's around here are in malls, and I hate the mall. I hate the smell...the mix of Cinnabon, Bath and Body Works, and teenager. But the main reason I hate the mall is because of my (self diagnosed) directional dyslexia. Anyone who knows me, has traveled with me, or ever asked me for directions knows I am hopeless. I can't tell my right from my left, or North from South, it's that bad. (Isn't that sad? I should be in a support group or something. Hello my name is Tracy and I'm really lame).
So anyway, I walk in to a store, shop around, then leave. And can't remember which way I came in. I literally end up walking in circles, completely lost and eventually frustrated. Plus the people there walk way too slow. SO...I don't go to the mall. But next week, I'm going to a Forever 21 that's in an old Gottschalks, completely non-mall. And it's close to the beach. Life is good. (Plus when you're close to the beach, it's really easy to tell which way is West!)

The scoop, all from Forever 21:
Earrings, $7.80
Floral Tunic, $19.80
Linen Pants, $22.80
Sunglasses, $5.80
Sandals, $19.80
Purse, $29.80

Friday, June 11, 2010

The Dangers of Being Cheap

Sometimes being cheap isn't the best route to take. Take this wine, for instance. I snagged two bottles at Walmart for $1.97 a piece. Thinking I had scored the deal of the century, I chilled a bottle of Chardonnay to drink whilst watching Mad Men. (Netflix, not cable...if a bottle of two dollar wine did not already alert you to the fact that we are incredibly cheap).
Long story short, one glass was all either my husband or I could drink. Think white grape juice mixed with rubbing alcohol and vodka. The rest of the bottle went down the sink.
End of the story, you may think. Wrong! We both woke up with killer hangover headaches...from one glass of wine! If I'm going to have a hangover, I better have had a whole lot of fun getting it.
Moral of the story...there are some things worth spending money on. At least more than 2 bucks.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Colored Denim on the Cheap

Lindsay sent me an email the other day which said, "Hey Tracy-I have a mission for you. I love the colored denim trend, but can't find anything that is actually affordable! I am looking for teal or turquoise skinny leg jeans- have any ideas?"
You bet I have some ideas! What do you think about those jeans up there? I know the purple ones are a little out there, but I thought I'd throw them in for fun. The best part is they are all under 30 bucks! 
What trends are you jumping on this summer? 
The scoop: 
Skyscraper Colored Jeans, Roxy  $30.99
Victoria's Secret Low Five Capri's   $14.99
Element Daryl Denim, Swell    $19.99
Zipper Pocket Twill Pant, Forever 21     $13.50

Friday, June 4, 2010

New Place for Cheap Clothes!

Our haul from this morning's shopping trip! 

Just got back from a totally blog-worthy shopping trip with my friend Alyssa, and must share! Alyssa and I are two peas in a pod. We pick out the same stuff constantly. That scarf up there? We both bought one at Payless. I had that ring in my hand and put it back, then she picked it up (without knowing I had almost bought it) and added it to her pile. What can I say, we must have great taste! (or at least very similar taste!)
When it comes to clothes, a successful shopping outing for us is a trip to the Cancer Society Thrift store and Payless Shoes. Imagine our delight when a consignment store opened just blocks from our houses! (We're neighbors, much fun to have your friend right around the corner!) The new store is called the Clothesline, and it ROCKS. Those jeans? Paige Premium Denim, retail price $198. My price? $29.99**! And the cocktail ring was just $3.95. But the coupe de grace, the best deal of century, are those Donald J Pliner Couture heels. Neither Alyssa nor I knew who the heck he was, we just knew they were very "cha cha"! But the owners Sy and Cathy (who has an awesome photography business as well) informed us that they are $400 shoes! These suckers have basically no wear and are amazing. Alyssa scooped them up for just $29.99**! If you're in Elk Grove, head over...they buy, sell and exchange and are totally worth a trip! 

**I originally had these both down as $39.99 but remembered last night that they were an even BETTER deal than that! 

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I'm a Big Ol' Meanie...

So the other night my good friend Jenni came over for dinner, along with a bunch of other good friends and my just ok brother.  (See how I put veiled insults in my blog to see if my family reads it?) Anywho, Jenni said that some of her law school friends read my blog, and some of those friends were afraid to write me to ask for fashion advice. I totally understand this, as I am quite the imposing and scary individual. As evidenced from this blog, you can tell that I am serious, no nonsense, and wicked mean. You would not want to send me an email asking for cheap fashion ideas, because I might yell at you. Or worse. So don't send me emails asking for advice, or where to find cheap stuff, because I'm not into that. See that outfit I made up there? Just killing time. Putting red and yellow together, with awesome flower punches, is SO not my style.
So get it straight: no emails. Don't send them to tracyonthecheap at gmail dot com. Just don't.

The scoop: Pulsar Watch, Overstock       Tank, Modcloth     Skirt, Modcloth      Necklace, Modcloth    Heels, Modcloth     Bag, Target


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