Saturday, February 27, 2010

Boots for Becky

Cell phone photo of cute boots

I got this email the other day, "Hi Tracy-It's me, Becky, the girl you helped out in Payless with the black ruffled shoes. I was in Truckee last weekend and this girl was wearing these adorable boots! I asked her where she got them and she said someplace in Reno. She didn't even give me a name of a store. So, if you have time for a challenge, I'd love to find these cute boots! Let me know what you come up with!" 
Here's why Becky is awesome...a. She wasn't afraid to ask a complete stranger for their opinion in Payless shoes. (And she then went to that complete stranger's blog and left nice comments!) b. When the girl didn't tell her where she got the boots, she whipped out her cell phone and took a picture of them. Love it!
So here you go, Becky. Although I wasn't able to find the exact boots, I rounded up a few similar options for you...on the cheap, of course! Hope you find something you like! 

Wanted Triumph Boot, Endless
Matisse Chopper Boot, Shoebox
BCBGeneration Acorn Boot, Bluefly
Rocket Dog "Chain Gang" Boots, Overstock 
Rocket Dog "Chain Gang" Boots Macy's (or Amazon )

Friday, February 26, 2010

Spring, Baby!

Jane from I Really Suck at This (one my favorite new blogs) said, "Hi Tracy! Now that I am pregnant again, I need help with cheap and cute maternity wear. Can you help me find something I could wear to work? My work environment is "business casual." Thanks so much!"
I have a few friends who are pregnant right now, so hopefully you guys can find something you like from this look, along with Jane! I've never been very good at "business casual", so hopefully this look is dressy enough for the office. Everything today comes from Old Navy...because the last thing you want to do while pregnant is schlep your wide self to more than one store on any given day!  (Check out another Old Navy maternity look I did here)
So what do you think pregnant people...would you wear this?

The scoop:
Cropped Denim Maternity Jacket
Real Waist Stretch Twill Pants
Pleated Tie Back Top
Watercolor Print Scarf
Flower Bud Drop Earrings
Ribbon Trim Ballet Flats
Beaded Cluster Ring

Thursday, February 25, 2010

40's Chic on the Cheap

Dear red peep toes,
I love you so. I wish I had a reason to wear you. Really, I do. Even though you're under $20, I know that you won't go with yoga pants, and would be completely wrong for chasing a small child throughout the house. Yet I still want you. (You too black dress.)

Outfits like this almost make me wish I still had a job downtown. Almost, but not quite!  

The scoop...all from Forever 21:
Reminiscent Career Dress
Erin Bowtie Patent Pump
Portrait Silhouette Clutch
Petite Bow Studs
Triple Beaded Necklace

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Guest post...Mixing Metals

Head on over to Urban Darling to check out my guest post for today!
What do you think...mixing metals...yes or no?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Floral Dress...Now and Later

It's that weird in between time, weather-wise. It's not quite winter, but not quite spring. So, acting on a request from Katie awhile back, I decided to use a floral dress (from my Spring must haves!) in two that you can wear now (when it's kinda warm but still winter-y) and one you can wear once the weather heats up.
I don't know what I think about this dress...or maybe it's my matching abilities that are lacking. You certainly cannot accuse me of using too little color today. Oy vey. What do you think blogland?

The scoop:
Garden Brunch Woven Dress, Forever 21
Cardigan, Dillards
White Patent Peep Toe's, Target
Flower Earring Set, Forever 21

Latika Beaded Necklace, Forever 21
Lucille Faceted Ring, Forever 21
Braided Wedges, Old Navy

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ask and ye shall receive...

So yesterday I asked blogland, "Hey blogland, where did the lady in the front row of the Tiger Woods' press conference get her sweater?"
Boy did blogland deliver! Tonja sent me a link to a darling Victoria's Secret sweater that was pretty darn close, and comes in great colors. Then Kristin (you may remember her from here or here) sent me the link to the shirt above. Success! It's on sale on the Down East Basics website (check it out here), but Kristin saved me shipping and $8 off the online price by going to the store and buying it for me (and one for herself, too, in black.) Can you believe it? Too cool! Thanks Tonja and Kristin! I'm seriously loving the blog tonight. :)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Tracy Takes on Tiger

So I just finished watching the Tiger Wood's "press conference" (if you can call it that), and I have just one question...

Where did the lady in the front row get her sweater?
Yeah, you lady! You in the uber cute beige ruffle wrap sweater! Where did you get it? Anyone out there in blogland know? If you can tell me, I'll make a style post just for you! (I'd make one for you anyway, but this way it's kind of like you win something!)

***Yeah, I know this is a lame excuse for a post...I was all set to blog about my great finds at the Discovery shop, as promised last week. Then I got sick. Being sick I can handle...being sick with a teething 9 month old? They don't tell you about that in "What to Expect". ***

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Guest post on Urban Darling!

Click on over to Urban Darling to check my guest post for today! (If you've been following my blog for a while, you may be amazed that I was able to resist the urge to throw something red in the mix!)
So what do you think blogland? Did I succeed in the art of pattern mixing?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

An AWESOME Reader Request!

Hutch (check out her blog, Be Awesome Instead) said, "So here's a post idea for ya if you need one and want to help me out :) I have a baby shower in early March and a wedding back east in May, which means weather could be questionable for both. The wedding is at the Hyatt Regency in Boston so kinda fancy, but not AS much so for the shower. Since the budget is tight and I'm not big on spending anyway, any suggestions on a dress/outfit that could be worn to both?"
I'm the girl to talk to if you've got a tight budget! This outfit actually comes in at $92...score! So what do you think? Will it work for both the wedding and the shower?

The scoop:
Origami Applique Cardigan, Old Navy
Versatile Top, Forever 21
Floral Lace Skirt, Forever 21
Elegant Beaded Necklace, Forever 21
Flower Discus Ring, Forever 21
Satin Florals Headband, Forever 21
Ruffled Platfrom Sandals, Target

Monday, February 15, 2010

Cha Cha on the Cheap

What's better than a trip to the mall with a friend? How about a trip just down the street to a thrift store and Payless shoes? Much better in my book! On Saturday a girlfriend and I did just that...she scored about $350 worth of designer merchandise from the Discovery shop for $50 (and now knows the secret to great cheap clothes in our town!) and we both did some major damage at Payless shoes, which is right next door. It's BOGO time, and we took full advantage of the buy one get one half off promo. After picking out the same pair of "cha cha" earrings above (her word, LOVE it) she ended up with those awesome silver sandals and me with that cool yellow purse. We're a bad-in-a-good way combination when it comes to discount shopping!
And that outfit (minus the shoes) is what I wore yesterday on our hot Valentine's Home Depot, Target, Bev Mo and Mexican food. Running errands while the baby has a sitter is pretty darn close to romance these days!

The scoop:
Sandals, Payless
Jupiter Mid Satchel, Payless
Chandelier Cabashan Earrings, Payless
Tiered Voile Skirt, Old Navy
Cropped Denim Jacket, Old Navy
Grommet Neck Top, Forever 21

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Guest post on Urban Darling!

Head on over to my guest post on Urban Darling to check out two new looks, both using a lacy tweed skirt that's under $25! Let me know, which one do you like best, day or night?

Friday, February 12, 2010

DIY Embellished Tank Top

So in Wednesday's post, one of my Spring must have's was an embellished tank, which I claimed was "totally easy to DIY!" Well I got to thinking about that statement, and decided to find out if it was as simple as I thought. Here's my result:

I used an old Target tank top, beads from a costume jewelry pearl necklace, and some scrap muslin to make the flowers. I finished the whole thing while the baby was eating her lunch, so not too shabby! I had so much fun, I decided to make another one:

This time I used a piece of the necklace and made rosettes out of some scrap white fabric. (I was inspired by this Charlotte Russe necklace). I'm thinking of wearing it on Valentine's Day with a cardigan. Yea or nay?
So...what do you out there in blogland think? Did I capture the trend, or am I just wearing scraps sewn on a ratty old tank top? (Which is kind of how I felt when I took these pictures...)

***Stay tuned next week, when I detail another amazing trip to the American Cancer Society Discovery Shop. Seriously, if you live in my town, you should go there asap!***

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Spring Must Haves...On the Cheap

Casey asked, "Can you post a few must haves to add to our closets for the spring?" Like I've said before, I know beans about fashion. My style equates as such....What I like - What I can afford = My style. So my must have's for spring are a collection of things I would actually wear and can afford...hopefully you'll find something you like to add to your closet, too!

My spring must haves...
1. Denim Pearl Snap Shirt   Roll Up Chambray Camper Shirt, Old Navy
2. Embellished tank...totally easy to DIY with an old tank, too! Rosette Tank, Old Navy
3. Lacey feminine shirt  Lace Capsleeve Top, Forever 21
4. Floral Dress  Garden Brunch Woven Dress, Forever 21
5. Purple Shoes   Ruffle Ballet Flats, Target and Braided Faux Leather Wedges, Old Navy
6. Ruffled Cardigan   Ruffle Cardigan, Forever 21

What's are your must have items for spring? Anything else you think I should add to my shopping list?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Wine Tasting on the Cheap

Yippee for my 100th post!
Yesterday we went wine tasting...we're lucky enough to live about 40 minutes from a slew of great wineries (and luckier still that the grandparent's live on the way so we can drop off the baby!) It wasn't raining so I got to wear my new purple flats. I'm absolutley loving these shoes...I think I'm going to use them in another post very soon, because they are just that awesome. Reader Casey asked about my "must haves" for spring over on the Facebook fan page, and I'd have to start with these flats, hands down.
Thanks to the internets, I was able to find a picture of this Old Navy cardigan I've had since my days in the corporate world. (Ahh, memories...) I'm finding more and more fun ways to wear my old work clothes that don't involve high heels, cublicles or commutes. Delightful.
And I must confess...that is not my purse. Although I wish it was my purse, so that's good enough for me.

The scoop:
Motorcycle Handbag, Tilly's
Purple Ruffle Ballet Flats, Target
Black Scarf, Forever 21
White Necklace, Newport News (mine is "vintage" from my Grandma)
Lucky Sundown Jeans, Ebay
Cardigan, bought 2 years or so ago at Old Navy
Black Shirt, Target a while back

Monday, February 8, 2010

Check it out!

I'm the guest blogger today on Urban exciting! Click on over and check it out!
Working on another guest post as we speak, but need some help from blogland...what are your go-to pieces that work for both day and night? I'd love your input!
Thanks again for reading this little ol' have no idea how much fun I'm having.  :)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Valentine's Date

So Valentine's Day isn't a huge deal around these parts...last year we celebrated by eating sandwiches from a fancy French a Walmart parking lot. And you know what? We were happy as clams. So needless to say, I probably won't be needing a special outfit for the 14th. But if I did, this is what I'd love to wear. That shirt-adorable! Those shoes...oh my goodness, I could write a sonnet to those shoes, I love them so. I may have gone overboard on the whole rose theme, but I couldn't pass up those earrings. Too perfect for Valentine's Day! (And at less than 3 bucks, who cares if you only wear them once a year?)

The scoop:
Ahoy! Sailor Tee, Conversation Pieces
White Flounce Back Skirt, Charlotte Russe
Steve Madden Rose Platform Wedges, DSW
Love Rose Earrings, Forever 21
Gold Trim Carry All, Forever 21
Red Flower Ring, Fred Flare

*Shout out to my little brother, who turns 26 tomorrow. I dedicated a post to him here. (If you go read the post, please keep in mind that I forgot to include the fun fact that my little brother also took ice skating lessons. And he was really good.) Love ya broski!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


So yesterday while I was being nosy on Facebook (honestly, what are you doing if not being nosy?), I saw that my friend Lindsay had posted a link to the above Anthropologie tank top with the tagline "I must be frugal, I must be frugal...NO MORE SHOPPING". Being the ever frugal friend that I am, I suggested she try Modcloth. Success! She found this similar top for a lot less dough. Since it's such a blog worthy swap, I'm going all Look 4 Less on you today (have you been to The Look 4 Less? Ah-freakin-mazing...she's the blogger I want to be when I grow up. Go check it out, add it to your blog roll, etc., etc.) I'm partial to the color of the Anthropologie top, but, like always, the price of the Modcloth one wins out. Which one do you like? Do you have an expensive item you're lusting after that you'd like me to take a cheap crack at? Do tell!
In other news, I'm working on an exciting new (non blogging) project this week, so I'll be in and out...but still on the lookout for great deals!


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