Monday, August 31, 2009

Guy Stuff

In our house, there's an even bigger cheapskate than sweet husband. He rarely buys clothes, and when he does, they usually come from the clearance rack. He proudly wears shirts from his senior year of high school. He looks at how much stuff costs per ounce at the grocery store, and loves a good trip to Wal Mart.
He's also my secret blog weapon. I may think the day's outfit looks great, but he'll say, "It would look so much better with a clutch" or "How about a tiara?" Frugal, good looking, and fashion conscious. What a catch!
(Since he's a new daddy, I threw in a Texas A&M diaper bag so he can support his alma mater and look stylin' while changing the latest stinker. Thanks, darlin!)
So here's to you, argyle wearing, jaunty hat loving, all around sweetheart of a guy. You deserve some new duds!

The scoop:
Men's Basic Leather Belt, Old Navy
Converse One Star Oxfords, Target
Diaper Bag, The Trading Post of Texas
Argyle Sweater Vest, Old Navy
Poplin Shirt, Old Navy
Link Watch, Overstock
Newsboy Cap, Ebay
Seth Jean, Forever 21

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Princess on the Cheap

Apparently it's "Wedding Week" here on Tracy on the Cheap. My soon to be cousin-in-law Kristin is planning her wedding and asked if she could pick my brain about cost saving ideas. That got me to thinking...would it be possible to have a totally glam wedding on the cheap? (Let's face it...not every bride would be content with a backyard wedding. I totally understand the desire to be princess for a day!).
So I scoured the internet for some great wedding deals. This wedding dress from Ebay is only $145...and that includes shipping. Sure, it's from China. Sure, the grammar and sentence structure is atrocious. (Really, go read the description's priceless!) But it's custom made, and where do you think all the expensive wedding dresses come from before they show up in the pricey boutiques?

The goods:
Wedding Dress, Ebay (check out the description!)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Wedding Wear

Kerry and her daughter Jennifer are going to a wedding in October and asked me to create an outfit for each of them. Kerry, today's look is yours!
She said, "I tend to lean towards black for dresses, but I'm open for suggestions - greens, blues, burgundy whatever. Nothing too crazy and no yellow or orange. No spiky heals since we would rather not aerate their lawn all night and then of course it could get chilly before the night's over."
I hope the dress isn't too crazy! I threw in a sweater to keep the chill off, and hopefully the heels are wide enough so as not to punch holes in the lawn. Hope you like it! I'll post Jen's look next week.
Do any of you out in blog land have a request? Something you'd like to see? A story about a great deal you've scored? (I'm desperate for interaction, can you tell?)

The scoop:
Tobbyn Sandals, Target

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Always a Bridesmaid...

Anyone who has ever been in a wedding knows how expensive they can be. Between the dress, alterations, shoes, hotel rooms, gifts, Bachelorette parties, and showers, you can easily spend $1000...on a wedding that isn't even yours! (And some of you are lucky enough to be in more than one wedding this year!) Of course it's an honor to be asked to share in someone's special day, but does is have to be so darn expensive? I think not.
And here's a tip: I was in a wedding last year and the dress the bride picked out was about $150 at David's Bridal. Just for kicks, I looked on Craigslist. Someone had the same dress for sale, never worn, in my size only 30 minutes away...for $60. Score.

The goods:
14k Goldfill Quartz Necklace, Overstock
14k Goldfill Quartz Briolette Earrings, Overstock
Petal Trim Bobby Pins, Forever 21
Chiffon Party Dress, Forever 21
Glamour Cosmetic Bag, Spiegel
Metallic T Strap Pump, Newport News

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Study Buddy

I should call this blog "While the Baby is Sleeping", because if the baby isn't sleeping, I'm not blogging. Thus the lack of a post Tuesday. Why do I feel like such a bloggy-loser because I didn't post yesterday? cousin Megan was wearing a really cute shirt at our family reunion that she got from Arden B. I'd never heard of Arden B before (I don't get to the mall much...I hate the mall in fact, that's enough material for a whole post of it's own) so I checked them out online. Cute stuff...a little above my usual cheapskate price range, but I figured I could splurge a little since I didn't spend any fake internet blog money yesterday.

The goods:
White Scoop Neck Tank, Arden B

Monday, August 24, 2009

Take a Hike

Heather over at Alis Grave Nil wrote a great post recently about how she grew to love running. She said, "if looking cute in new clothes when you run helps you run, then you should go for it". Last week I had to run a mile (yikes!) in my moms & babies fitness class, and I was actually kind of motivated by the fact that my pants (the one's in today's post!) were pretty darn cute. Shallow? Maybe. But I finished that mile!

The scoop:
"Life is Good" Hat, Ebay

Friday, August 21, 2009

Tracy & Julia

A loyal blog reader suggested an outfit based on Julia Child's 1950's wardrobe in the new movie "Julie and Julia". If you haven't see it, you's an absolutely delightful movie. Great stories, great characters, and great clothes. The critics who panned Amy Adams character are all cynics, in my opinion. (Or maybe as a chick approaching 30 writing a blog she thinks no one reads, I just identified with her!)
Julia was tall, and Meryl Streep is not, so she wears incredibly high platform heels the whole movie. These va va voom spectator peep toes hearken back to the 50's...and they're only $10!
A vintage wicker purse, Etsy brooch, and tweed skirt and jacket continue the 50's vibe. Add Julia's signature pearls and you'll look tres chic! Bon appetit!

Ingredients for today's look:
Reclaimed Wool Sweater Brooch, Etsy
Vintage Wicker Purse, eBay

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Going Out

A friend suggested a post for full figured gals...what a great idea! Forever 21 has a plus size line called Faith 21...their stuff is cute cute cute! Since fall is just around the corner, I paired the floral knit dress with a cami and jeans. And those jeans are less than $16!
And seriously, who wants to carry a purse when you go out? An ID case from Urban Outfitters solves that problem. I'm thinking of getting one myself. At only $14 it's a great deal, and cute enough to be featured in another post soon!
So, what do you think? Anything you'd like to see featured in a look? Drop me a line!

The scoop:
Tassell Pendant Necklace, Forever 21
Laquer Centered Elastic Bracelet, Forever 21
Floral Knit Dress, Faith21
Dark Wash Straight Jean, Faith 21
Knit Cami, Faith 21
Tatoo Etched ID Case, Urban Outfitters
Square Peep Toe Pumps, Target

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Summer to Fall

My good friend Courtney, a sixth grade teacher, was looking for sandals to wear to school. She needed an option other than flip flops...something that would be cool during the hot August days, but dressy as well. I hope these Target sandals fit the bill! The rest of the outfit works as a transition from Summer to Fall...or from air conditioned classroom to blacktop at recess!

The goods:

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Budget Bump

Being pregnant is exciting...and expensive! Suddenly you're growing, nothing fits quite the same, and...wait, you want me to wear pants with elastic that goes up to my ribs? Any they cost $75?
Having recently had a baby, I'm not too far removed from maternity shopping. Pair that with a family reunion this weekend with three adorably pregnant cousins, and it was time for a maternity look.
Everything today comes from Old Navy, a pregnant chick's paradise. I got shirts on sale there for $1.99. (Watch for the additional 50% off on marked down merchandise sales). Their real waist pants are a gift from the maternity gods. They sit right below your stomach but don't fall down. Amazing!
Another maternity as you grow. I made the mistake of getting a bunch of bigger shirts when I was newly pregnant and never wore a one. (I also bought three pairs of under belly elastic maternity jeans and grew out of them in one week...elastic up to your ribs has it's merits!)

The scoop:
Cut Out Ballet Flats
Faux Leather Trim Canvas Tote
Oversized Sunglasses
Hammered Metal Hoops
Long Layering Cami
Hooded Henley
Paisley Print Lightweight Scarf
Trouser Real Waist Jeans

Monday, August 17, 2009

Game Day

Lindsay wrote: My boyfriend coaches football at the University of Southern Mississippi. Black, White and Yellow-Gold are the colors. I prefer to keep the gold to accent pieces. What can you put together for game day?
Lindsay is from Texas, went to college in Oklahoma, and now lives in Mississippi. I had to consult my Texan husband on what a true Southern girl would wear to a football game. He informed me my first attempt was way too casual! The final look is a bit dressed up while still being comfy enough for tailgating and game viewing. I hope you like it, Lindsay!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Mom's Night Out

Only since the birth of my darling baby have I realized the utter indulgence of wearing clothes without spit up on them. But even the nicest outfit isn't safe from an unplanned urp, so I put together a mom's night out ensemble that's budget and baby friendly.
I'm working on even more requests for next week...thanks for the inspiration! What about you? Is there something you'd like to see more of? A store I need to check out? A question for a certified cheapskate? An item you'd like a look built around? Just leave me a comment!

The goods:

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Take Flight

I love requests! Erin asked for a flight inspired outfit, and sent me the link to this Stitched Bomber Jacket from Charlotte Russe. Wear it with aviators, a metallic white scarf, and some capri's, and it just might take your breathe away. (Lame attempt at a Top Gun reference...just for you, Erin!)

The scoop:
Ballet Flats, Target

J'aime les bonnes affaires

"J'aime les bonnes affaires", loosely translated, means "I love good deals!" (No, I don't speak French, but I can use an English to French Google translator!)
This pink linen coat is from European! They have UK sizing and customers use words like "gobsmacked" and "shall" in their reviews. So how can Tracy on the Cheap afford such finery? Boden has a great sale section on their website. This coat was originally $120, but is now marked down to just $51. Wear it with these great vintage look earrings from Forever 21 and the Eiffel Tower pendant from Modcloth to complete your Euro-chic look.

Où acheter:

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Trendy Teacher

Judy requested an outfit for a teacher...but Judy isn't just any kind of teacher, she's an agriculture teacher. Basically Judy has to dress so she is equally prepared to meet with the principal, teach high school kids, corral livestock on a moments notice, and oversee an evening FFA meeting. (Yep, that's Future Farmers of America).
Teachers need big tote bags to carry all their stuff, and this bag from Target is perfect. I checked it out in person today (the weekly Target diaper run), and it's a great purse...big enough for the necessities but not so big that it's overpowering.
At first I had this outfit paired with some white earrings, but it needed a punch of color, thus the coral earrings. I'm a big fan of color, if you haven't noticed! The coral and peach necklace (Only 7 bucks!) rounds out the look.
And if you get manure all over your shoes (it happens) you'll only be out $18. Not too shabby.

The goods:

Monday, August 10, 2009

Tracy Gocheaply

I can't afford breakfast at Tiffany' about lunch at Target?
This outfit is inspired by this awesome Audrey Hepburn pocket watch & pendant. I love these red shoes from Payless paired with the black and white Charlotte Russe abstract dress. $30 for earrings is a bit more than I would usually "spend" but these glass red rose earrings from Topshop are just perfect and worth a little more. I bet Holly would approve.

The goods:
Red Rose Earrings, Topshop
Fab Contempo Clutch, Forever 21
Abstract Plaid Dress, Charlotte Russe
Red Patent Peep Toes, Payless
Audrey Sunglasses, Fred Flare
Holly Golightly Watch Locket, Fred Flare

Friday, August 7, 2009

Back to School

Even though I don't have to go back to school this fall, I still get that excited, nervous feeling towards the end of summer. Yeah, big nerd. I also get that "I want some new clothes" feeling as the school year looms. I adore these boots from Old Navy. I saw them in the store and considered buying them, but I'm going to wait until they go on sale. Yep, I'm just that cheap.
For next week I have two reader requests (yay!) and more great deals! Thanks for reading my blog, I'm having a blast putting these outfits together!

Hit the books with these deals:

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Superhero Chic

When my husband saw this outfit he said, "That's ugly" and "It looks like Wonder Woman". I'm going to ignore his first comment and embrace the second. It may be the ugliest outfit I've created yet, but it certainly does channel a Superhero vibe!
(The red chiffon blouse in today's post is from the new Miley Cyrus/Max Azria collection at that great place called Walmart. Hannah Montana meets the fashion designer!)

The scoop:

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Dinner at 8

We've been watching mass amounts of Mad Men lately, and it certainly shows in the clothes I've been drawn to. That black dress is saucy enough on its own, but add those blue peep toes and it's a look fit for Joan...but certainly not Peggy!

The skinny:

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Pink & Plaid

A reader asked for some more affordable outfits for the office, so here's a cute black, white and pink ensemble that won't cost you an arm and a leg! And like I said on Friday, I'm getting my money's worth on those $50 T Strap pumps by using them again today. (Just FYI, the white purse in today's post got great reviews on affordable bag and quality product!)
If you have a something in mind you'd like an outfit built around, or need some ideas for what to wear to an event, just leave me a comment...I love inspiration!

The scoop:

Monday, August 3, 2009

Fiesta BBQ

My first "commission"! What fun!
Destiny, a new mom and old friend, is going to a fiesta BBQ this weekend in Santa Barbara and asked if I'd put an outfit together for her. In the interest of saving money, I only "shopped" at two stores (to save on shipping and gas!). I had a ton of fun putting this outfit together, Destiny! I hope you find something you like!
The scoop:
Patent Crocodile Wedges, Charlotte Russe


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