Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday Cheapdown

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A few days ago Denise said, "Tracy - I'm loving these wearable flowers and clutches at, but can't see paying that much. Think you can find a cheaper version? They seem easy enough to make... maybe we can start a business. :)"
I'm pretty sure the Denise in question is an old friend from Texas. (Blogger won't let me see your profile, so if it's you, let me know in the comments!) Denise, I agree...I love those flowers, but not the prices. I did some searching on Etsy and found some great options. The first one is Poppy Chic Designs...she has some awesome flower pins and hairclips that won't break the bank. Supah also has some cool looks (like the one I used above!).
And since it's Friday, I decided to cheap down an outfit from Emerson's website. I don't know how much the original look costs, but I'm willing to bet it's a bit more than $115. (The big flower brooch alone is $84!)
And heck yes I'd start a business with you Denise! I'm ready for a new gig!  :) 

The scoop:
Fab Pocket Tank, Forever 21

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cheap Outfit Throwdown!

Yesterday Katie challenged me to a cheap outfit throwdown. She created an outfit for $69, and then challenged me to create one for less. Challenge accepted!
Since Katie went with blacks and greys, I thought I'd go the other direction with some big colors. There's a great article in the February issue of Sunset Magazine called "Beverly Hills for the rest of us"...basically, how to do this ultra ritzy area on the cheap. Thus my inspiration for this look. (If you haven't checked out Sunset, you's an awesome resource for affordable and chic decorating, food, restaurant, and lifestyle finds. Be still my cheapskate heart!)
My outfit comes in at just under $65, thanks to some creative clearance shopping from Old Navy and Target. (I absolutely love those white pants from Old Navy...they don't have my size left online, so if they have yours, buy them and think of me, ok? ) The coral vintage necklace from eBay is my favorite find. I just love the way it looks with the gray top. And that etsy clutch...I get so excited when I find something that ties it all together!
Big thanks to Katie for the challenge, I had fun! So, how did I do on the cheap outfit throwdown? Do you have a challenge for Tracy on the Cheap? Do tell!

The scoop:
Cotton Twill Wide Leg Trousers, Old Navy
Patent Green Sandals, Target
Padded Zipper Clutch, Via GetSassy on Etsy
Mod Essential Woven Shirt, Forever 21
Wrapped Metal Cuff, Forever 21
Sunglasses, Forever 21
Vintage Necklace, eBay (listing expired)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I've been challenged!

I've been challenged! Katie over at Suicide Blonde had a great post yesterday about her "cheap ass" outfit she put together. She's got all the items linked over at her blog. I Photoshopped them into a complete look because, well, I'm a sucker for Photoshop. Check out Katie's look!

And then, at the bottom of her post: Tracy from Tracy On The Cheap - I challenge you to an outfit "Throwdown"!! Create an outfit for that amount above or less!! I know you can.............I'd love to see what you can come up with!!
It's so on! What do you think of Katie's outfit? Do you think I can come up with an outfit for less than $69? Tune in tomorrow to find out!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Spa Day

A while back Nikki from Down on the Farm suggested an outfit for a spa day. Great idea! Then I thought: I've never had a spa day. Heck, I've never even been to a spa. (This would be the part of my post where I'd drop a little hint about an upcoming 29th birthday and how dearly I'd love a spa day. That would be if my husband read my blog, which I'm pretty sure he doesn't. Anyone who knows my husband is more than welcome to send him a link to this post. Thanks in advance).
So what do you wear to a spa? I'm not sure, but I bet you need some clothes and shoes that are easy on/easy off, and a big old tote to carry magazines and stuff in, and you'll want to look cute to boot. Am I right, or am I way off on the whole spa thing? What would you wear to a spa day? (You know, just in case someone gets the hint...)

The scoop:
Cracked Coral Ring, Charlotte Russe
Sunglasses, Forever 21
Bamboo Large Wooden Tote, Ruche
Stacked Hoop Earrings, Forever 21
Gypsy Tale Dress, Forever 21
Sandals, Old Navy

Monday, January 25, 2010

An Education in Cheapness

This swell little college inspired outfit from Antropologie will set you back $537. It's cute, but not 500 bucks cute. What kind of faux college student has that kind of cash to spend on clothes from Antropologie, anyway? (The answer is a kid with a credit card paid for by the parents). I was not that kid.

Here's the cheapskate's version. At about $400 less, you can afford to buy the books you'll never open for the class that you don't need! (I transferred colleges three times...I could make a whole second major out of classes I took that didn't count!)

The scoop:
Blazer, Old Navy
Camp Shirt, Old Navy
The Diva Skinny Jeans, Old Navy
Woven Waist Belt, Charlotte Russe
Steve Madden Tuxedo Flat, Nordstrom

Thursday, January 21, 2010

What I Know About Australia

As promised, how to embarrass yourself in front of Australian.
Last week we went to dinner at the home of a teacher friend who was hosting an Australian teacher at her house. Delightful lady! I learned quite a few things about Australia....
  • A Back, Sack and Crack is a wax job that is popular among Australian men. It's just what it sounds like.
  • "Oi" is used for just about everything, depending on your voice inflection. Very useful word.
  • Friends are "mates". Don't call a lady a "shiela" (despite what you may have learned from the Crocodile Hunter).
  • Us Americans would say "doucebag", but in Australia they say "wanker". Brilliant.
  • The only people who wear their Uggs outside their pants (or Uggs with skirts) are "boguns" or "westies"...or as we Americans would say, white trash.
This, of course, would be the night I finally get up the courage to wear my new mini skirt...and fake Uggs.

The scoop:
Necklace, Ebay (The one I wore was from Target clearance awhile back. I found this one on Ebay yesterday and bought it for just $1.38...with free shipping!)
Skirt, Old Navy (in store clearance)
Scarf, Old Navy
Fake Uggs, Payless
Sweater, Forever 21 (Mine came from the Nordstrom Rack forever ago, but this one is pretty darn cute)
Cami, Forever 21
Hoohobbers Diaper Bag, Overstock (I made my own diaper bag, but this one is an ultra cute alternative, albeit a little expensive.)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Purple Power

I'm sending some love to my favorite blogs this week. One of my go to style blogs is Uber Chic for Cheap. (A cheap chick after my own heart!) Thankfully, yesterday's post was a reminder of the ultra amazing 50% off clearance stuff sale at Old Navy. I scored three skirts, a shirt and a pair of maternity pants (no that's not an announcement...I just can't pass up pants for $2.50!) for only 20 bucks. Too bad I got there right after the little old lady who was obviously working hard to fill up her booth at the  Galt flea market...why else would you buy four carts full of Old Navy merchandise? It obviously was not for her (unless she needs about 100 camisoles and 50 mini skirts) I considered taking a white denim mini off her pile while her back was turned, but her shrewd flea market scowl made me think twice.
One of the aforementioned items I bought is this dark denim pencil skirt. It's $30 online, but I paid just $6.50. My opinion? It's worth way more than 30 bucks. It's quality stuff. As a curvy girl, a good pencil skirt is a wardrobe staple. This one is perfect, falling just below the knees and hugging all the right curves. It's one of those things that I know I'll wear again and again.
Tune in tomorrow when I tell you how to embarrass yourself in front of an Australian. Good times.

The scoop:
Denim Pencil Skirt, Old Navy
Burnished Strappy Wedge, Old Navy
Sunglasses, Forever 21
Whipstich Tassel Hobo, Charlotte Russe
Morisot Top, Modcloth
Leaf Earrings, Forever 21
Antique Studded Knit Vest, Forever 21

Monday, January 11, 2010

Sequins and shampoo...

I've been jonesing for a sequin top, but hadn't found one that fit the bill (or the budget) This weekend I spied this Miley/Max (that would be Cyrus/Azria...I know, what a pair!) top on the clearance rack at Walmart. The best part? It was only 8 bucks! I threw it in the cart along with the diapers, Suave, and dogfood. I just love a place where I can get all the stuff I need and score a cheap fashion find. I must have redneck roots.
Long story short, this is a great shirt. The fabric is high quality, thin but not see through, stretchy and soft. The black on black sequin bow is classy, and because it's understated, may outlive the sequin trend. One drawback: this top runs small. I'm usually an extra small or small, and I bought a medium. Other than that, it's super! Get thee to Walmart!
Ok, here's my question for you, blog readers...what do I wear this with? I'm a sequin virgin, and need your help!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Alter Ego

Anyone who knows me in real life can attest to the fact that I rarely dress like I blog. My closet, sadly, is not full of cute denim mini's, chic belts, and teal purses. But...I do own those boots. And they are, in the words of Barney Stinson...AWESOME. I've owned my fair share of imitation Uggs, and these are the best by far. (Especially since I got them on sale for $25). I do wish I had the guts to pair them with a mini skirt for a funky look like this! (I should just get over it and order the darn skirt!)
Ok blog world, your turn...what would you like to see in my next post? More dresses? More sequins? Less witty commentary? (I crack myself up...) Let me know!

The dish:
Tote, Target
Braided Belt, Charlotte Russe
Floral Teardrop Earrings, Charlotte Russe
Crochet Open Cardigan, Forever 21
Flying Bird Necklace, Forever 21
Denim Mini, Old Navy
Shirred Jersey Top, Old Navy
Airwalk Regan Boot, Payless

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Study in Browns

Katie over at Suicide Blonde suggested a one stop shopping post from Ruche (thanks Katie!). I used them back in November for this post, but they've got bunches of fun new stuff since then!
I'm in a very brown mood today (obviously). Yet I kind of like the way all the browns mix together. And yes, that skirt is not cheap. I didn't look at the price until I had attached it to the sweater in Photoshop. I guess that's kind of like not looking at the price until after you've punched in your credit card number and clicked "confirm". Good thing it's cute! I even have a hard time spending fake money. My poor kids when they get to be teenagers...only knockoffs and hand me downs for you! (We are all destined to become our mothers, aren't we?)

The scoop:
espresso bean short cardigan
empress golden jewel ring
espresso large hobo bag
peacock feather scarf
ivory lace mini skirt
military studded suede boots

Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!

So this is the outfit I was supposed to wear on New Year's Eve. Those shoes...those amazing, vintage inspired Betsey Johnson Betseyville shoes that I scored for $21...were too small. How did I end up buying shoes that were too small you may ask? Didn't I try them on? Well, I did, but fell victim to an affliction that takes down many a cheapskate...bargain blindness. I knew they were a good deal, I knew they were cute, and somehow this overshadowed the fact that they were just a teensy bit too small. So now I have a pair of shoes that retail for $100 that I must return to Ross. (Unless someone out there in blog land wants to buy them...size 7!) I wore tall black suede boots instead. They were cute, but not as cute that those pumps. Darn.
The dress, on the other hand, fit like a dream. I think those people took my exact measurements when they made that dress, because it was perfecto. And at only $15, I'm not heartbroken that my itty bitty's bottle leaked apple juice all over it around midnight. To the dry cleaners we go!
This necklace comes from Forever 21, but mine came (clearance, of course) from Target about 2 years ago for $4. It's much chunkier (and cuter), but this one would do in a pinch as well.
A big thanks to our friends for playing along and dressing up for our little party!


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