Friday, April 16, 2010

Hideously Beautiful Birthday Gifts, and other Musings

1. Last Saturday was my birthday, and after an amazing spa day, we went to my parents for dinner, where I opened this gift: 
At first glance, you may think what I thought..."That is the most hideous purse I have ever seen." But then it grew on me. Seriously grew on me. And now? I LOVE it. The huge tacky flowers. The seaweed like tentacles. The glitter. Turns out it's a Mary Frances purse (I'd never heard of her, but now I'm a big fan) and it still had it's $160 price tag. What'd my momma pay? Twenty bucks! I wore it to Trader Joe's and out to dinner yesterday and fully enjoyed all the "Oh my god look at that ugly purse!" looks it received. What do you think? Would you rock the tacky flower seaweed monstrosity?
2. I've got lots of requests to get to. This week I did my "real" job...doesn't it suck when real life gets in the way of your blogging life? So please be patient with me, I'm looking forward to some fun Photoshop action next week. 
3. I'm hoping you guys can help me make a decision (not a big, important decision, but a cheap fashion decision). I've got a wedding to go to in May, and I've made a bet with my cheap husband that I wouldn't buy any new clothes until the end of August. AUGUST! So I'm left with what I've got (or what I can borrow). I bought this Sue Wong dress over 10 years ago for $40 (with the $250 price tag still on it...what up!). I've worn it to almost every important event I've attended since then, but now it doesn't fit anymore (amazing what more lunges and less tater tots will do for a gal). I need to get it altered down, but I' wondering if it's worth it. Has anyone ever altered an expensive dress? It's got some complicated embroidery and pleating, do you think it's possible? Or, should I cash in some Ross gift cards and just get a new dress?
4. And finally, a shout out to my buddy Sharlene, who had a Tracy on the Cheap moment last week when she scored last minute tickets to a Black Eyed Pea's Concert. All she had was her conservative work suit, so she walked down to the mall and scored herself a top, leggings, belt and accessories for $70. Score! Go Sharlene! 

Friday, April 9, 2010

Roaring 20's...on the cheap!

Today I'm killing three birds with one outfit. Or something like that. 
1. Tiffani wrote recently and said, "So I saw the fabulous job you did for Jane of I Really Suck At This and her maternity-chic outfit, and I could really use some help. I am graduating (Bachelor's) in May and I really want to have a sophisticated, but sexy and  adult party-like outfit. My friends suggested doing a 'flapper' themed party, but I took a look on the internet...anything I found reminded me of cheap hookers or was really unflattering, which I figured out was the actual style of the 20's LOL. But I like the idea of having something vintage, and 1920/30/40's are good eras for 'chic' and 'sophisticated' ."
2. And then my friend Anna said, "I've got a Tracy on the Cheap assignment for you. My cousin is getting married in a couple of weeks and her wedding is "roaring 20s" theme. I'm at a total loss of what to wear. I don't want to spend money on something I'll never wear again so I'm hoping to do modern twist on the 20s. Help!"
3. And have I mentioned that I'm going to my friend Becca's Art Deco themed wedding in May, and have yet to find an outfit? (Check out the deco look I did for Becca's gorgeous mom Diana, here!)
Tiffani, I hope this look doesn't remind you of cheap hookers. And if it does, then stay tuned for next week, because I'm planning on working up a 40's/50's look for you, too! Anna, I think the accessories (and possibly the dress) can all be worn again, and for only $85, it's a steal!
And did I mention that everything comes from Forever 21? That store constantly amazes me with it's repertoire of chameleon-like fashion finds. 

The scoop: 
Fringed Flapper Dress
Flapper Dreamer Headband
Cut Out Rhinestone Bracelet
Jeweled Cobra Chain
Rhinestone Drop Dangle Earrings
Crackled Metallic Heels

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Of bridal wear, apple pie, and psychological thrillers....

This is, hands down, the BEST WEBSITE EVER. Make sure your volume is turned on.
I'm already planning a trip to Panama City.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Full of Glee!

One of my favorite blogs of the moment is What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear? (As in Emma from the show "Glee". Love it!) There's hours of clicking pleasure over there, with outfit after outfit of tightly wound 50's inspired guidance counselor goodness. One of the sets from today used this Modcloth top with some uber expensive items, so I decided to cheap it down a bit with some pattern mixing thrown in to boot. This is one I would most definitely wear! What about you? Is it your cup of tea?

The scoop: 
Coca Cafe Top, Modcloth
Ribbed Fitted Skirt, Forever 21
Sequin Polka Dot Handbag, Tillys
Myrtle Pump, Endless
Silk Bow Headband, Forever 21
Darling Earring Set, Forever 21

And I'm back!

I'm back to blogging after a great trip to Texas to visit the in-laws. This is what we did a lot of:
Yep, that's me, eating. (Why did I choose such an unflattering picture as my first appearance on my own blog? Good question.) Taco Cabana, Sonic, BBQ, Velveeta & Rotel, fried Allsup's name it, we ate it. My husband and I both missed Texas food (but our waistbands are quite glad we live in California). 

Onward! Check out my guest post on Urban Darling from last week, where I take on BCBG and restyle an $800 outfit. I've got loads of reader requests coming up, including a look for an Anthropologie dress scored on eBay, a vintage themed graduation party outfit, and attire for a Swedish wedding. 
Do you have a reader request? Let me know, I'm always up for a fun fashion challenge! 


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