Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Turkey Day!

Well hello! It's been quite a while since I've fired up Photoshop and done some good bargain shopping! A lack of baby naps has severely hindered my blogging. (But given me some really enjoyable mommy time!) 
I had a request for something to wear on Thanksgiving. Great idea! Considing last year I wore pajama pants and a ratty sweatshirt (thank you, pregnancy for making me feel awesome) I think I'm going to dress up a bit this year. I like this outfit from Old Navy because the sweater, shirt, and jeans are great wardrobe basics, and the whole shebang is under $150.
Just FYI, if you're in need of some good shopping, I know that the Goodwill in my city has a half off sale on Black Friday. Last year I bought a whole shopping cart full of baby clothes for $50. Each item was a whopping $1.17. And, amazingly enough, baby has outgrown almost everything I bought. Time for another trip! (Are you one of those people who think shopping for your kid at Goodwill is gross? If so, I'm sorry. We ain't rollin' in dough around here.)

The scoop:
Perfect V Neck Sweater
Sateen Camp Shirt
Lizard Print Flats
Diva Wide Leg Jeans
Faux Leather Satchel
Necklace, Check in stores, no longer online

Friday, November 13, 2009

BCBGee That's Expensive!

Hello up there, trendy model! You look pretty chic in your BCBG outfit.
What's that you say? You spent $866 on your clothes? Gee...that's quite a bit of money! Well, it must cost that much to look stylish these days...

Oh wait...never mind. It actually only costs $75 to look stylish! You really didn't need that extra $800, did you trendy model?

The scoop...all from Forever 21:
Satin Tiered Skirt

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Mod Thursday

Modcloth's the word here on One Stop Thursdays! I love Modcloth. If I had a million dollars, I'd order one of everything they have. They aren't super cheap, but they are certainly affordable. As it is, I don't have a million dollars, so I just "window shop" vicariously through this little blog.
Any recommendations for tomorrow's post? Stores or designers you want to see Tracy on the Cheap take on? I'd love suggestions!

The Scoop:
Best Friend Tank
Butter Pecan Cardigan
Last Dance With Mary Janes
The A-Maze-Ing Skirt
Snake, Rattle and Roll Bag
Burst of Spring Ring

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mommy Muscles!

Way back in August I did a post about the mom and kiddo fitness class I go to with my little one. It's called StrollerFit, and it's GREAT. It's a fitness program for moms of strollerage kids. It combines cardio, strength training, singing to the kids, and fun! What mom wouldn't want to exercise with her kiddo, get out of the house, and talk to other moms?
I was scared to join a group fitness class, but I'm so glad I did. After improving my mile run time by over a minute (and increasing my strength by 114% and losing over 5 inches!) I'm sold. (It's my blog, right? I can brag a little.) Even better, I know I'm setting a good example for my little one and making great friends in the process. Our instructor, Wendy (check out her blog here) is incredibly motivating and energetic. She makes you want to keep coming to class! If it sounds like fun, check out the StrollerFit website to see if there is a group near you.

The scoop:
Camo Mommymuscle shirt, come to a class! 
New Balance Shoes, Overstock
Gym Bag, Endless
Danskin Fleece Pants, Walmart
Knit Tank, Old Navy
Peace Sign Hat, Tilly's

Monday, November 9, 2009

Dinner & Dancing

On Saturday night Mr. Cheap and I went to a dinner dance fundraiser (where I may or may not have had a LOT of fun). How excited was I for a reason to dress up? Very.
At the fundraiser (where I may or may not have got on stage to sing Loveshack) I got a ton of compliments on my Target shirt that I've had forever, so I thought I'd try something a little different today, a "what I wore" post. I had to fudge a little on the boots (mine came clearance from Victoria's Secret) and the necklace (I can't for the life of me remember where I got my black pearls) and Target doesn't carry my favorite shirt anymore, but for the most part it's what I had on. I love me some Lucky Sundowner jeans, and I can usually find a good pair on Ebay for around 20 bucks instead of their insane $130 asking price. I just added some $3 cubic zirconia earrings (I have one real diamond, and it's all I need) and I was good to go for under $100!

The scoop:
Freshwater Pearl Necklace, Ebay
Cubic Zirconia Earrings, Ebay (listing expired)
Ruffle Top, Forever 21
Lucky Brand Sundown Jeans, Ebay
Shaft Boots, Payless

Friday, November 6, 2009

Alexander McCostly

Here's what I know about Alexander McQueen:
1) When you Google "top designers", he's the first name that appears.
2) If you have an extra $4,215 lying around, he can help you look like the chick above (and that price is without the fur stole).
3) He really likes jaunty hats.

Here's what I know about Tracy on the Cheap:
1) I don't have four grand to spend on clothes. Hello, mortgage!
2) My version costs $4,000 less than Alex's.
3) I could never pull off that jaunty hat.

The scoop:
Wool Blazer, Overstock
Booties, Endless
Felt Fedora, Target
Racing Gloves, Urban Outfitters
Vintage Mink Stole, Ebay
Riding Pants, Charlotte Russe

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Budget Boho

Well hello there, bloggy world! I took a technology sabbatical the last few days...felt like I was staring at the computer just a wee bit too much. But I'm back for One Stop Thursday with a great store I discovered called Ruche. They call themselves "a modern boutique with a vintage look". I call them swell...It's like Antropologie, but cheap! Well, $250 isn't exactly cheap in my book, but it's a whole lot less than you'd spend for a similar look at ol' Antro. I'm in love with the grapes and berries drop earrings. So far I've resisted whipping out the credit card, but I'm tempted.
Do tell...have you ever bought anything you saw on this here blog? Perhaps next week I'll share the things I've blogged about and decided I couldn't live without.
Oh yes, a few of you have asked how to find the things I feature here...see those purple descriptions right down there? They are all linked straight to that item. Genius, eh?

The Goods:
mykonos vacation flowing cardigan
monsieur tillier chiffon tank
cinnamon floral flannel skirt
grapes and berries drop earrings
geranium stone embroidered clutch
cognac buckle tall riding boots
wool newsboy cap


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