Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!

So this is the outfit I was supposed to wear on New Year's Eve. Those shoes...those amazing, vintage inspired Betsey Johnson Betseyville shoes that I scored for $21...were too small. How did I end up buying shoes that were too small you may ask? Didn't I try them on? Well, I did, but fell victim to an affliction that takes down many a cheapskate...bargain blindness. I knew they were a good deal, I knew they were cute, and somehow this overshadowed the fact that they were just a teensy bit too small. So now I have a pair of shoes that retail for $100 that I must return to Ross. (Unless someone out there in blog land wants to buy them...size 7!) I wore tall black suede boots instead. They were cute, but not as cute that those pumps. Darn.
The dress, on the other hand, fit like a dream. I think those people took my exact measurements when they made that dress, because it was perfecto. And at only $15, I'm not heartbroken that my itty bitty's bottle leaked apple juice all over it around midnight. To the dry cleaners we go!
This necklace comes from Forever 21, but mine came (clearance, of course) from Target about 2 years ago for $4. It's much chunkier (and cuter), but this one would do in a pinch as well.
A big thanks to our friends for playing along and dressing up for our little party!

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