Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Wine Tasting on the Cheap

Yippee for my 100th post!
Yesterday we went wine tasting...we're lucky enough to live about 40 minutes from a slew of great wineries (and luckier still that the grandparent's live on the way so we can drop off the baby!) It wasn't raining so I got to wear my new purple flats. I'm absolutley loving these shoes...I think I'm going to use them in another post very soon, because they are just that awesome. Reader Casey asked about my "must haves" for spring over on the Facebook fan page, and I'd have to start with these flats, hands down.
Thanks to the internets, I was able to find a picture of this Old Navy cardigan I've had since my days in the corporate world. (Ahh, memories...) I'm finding more and more fun ways to wear my old work clothes that don't involve high heels, cublicles or commutes. Delightful.
And I must confess...that is not my purse. Although I wish it was my purse, so that's good enough for me.

The scoop:
Motorcycle Handbag, Tilly's
Purple Ruffle Ballet Flats, Target
Black Scarf, Forever 21
White Necklace, Newport News (mine is "vintage" from my Grandma)
Lucky Sundown Jeans, Ebay
Cardigan, bought 2 years or so ago at Old Navy
Black Shirt, Target a while back

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