Friday, February 5, 2010

Valentine's Date

So Valentine's Day isn't a huge deal around these parts...last year we celebrated by eating sandwiches from a fancy French a Walmart parking lot. And you know what? We were happy as clams. So needless to say, I probably won't be needing a special outfit for the 14th. But if I did, this is what I'd love to wear. That shirt-adorable! Those shoes...oh my goodness, I could write a sonnet to those shoes, I love them so. I may have gone overboard on the whole rose theme, but I couldn't pass up those earrings. Too perfect for Valentine's Day! (And at less than 3 bucks, who cares if you only wear them once a year?)

The scoop:
Ahoy! Sailor Tee, Conversation Pieces
White Flounce Back Skirt, Charlotte Russe
Steve Madden Rose Platform Wedges, DSW
Love Rose Earrings, Forever 21
Gold Trim Carry All, Forever 21
Red Flower Ring, Fred Flare

*Shout out to my little brother, who turns 26 tomorrow. I dedicated a post to him here. (If you go read the post, please keep in mind that I forgot to include the fun fact that my little brother also took ice skating lessons. And he was really good.) Love ya broski!


cheyenne2 said...

Oh my word Tracy! I LOVE those shoes! Those shoes can be my Valentine!You have done it again...

I Really Suck At This said...

I love love LOVE this outfit. That top is to die for! Only I would have to have a non-white skirt. I have a baby and I'm a klutz - not a good combination.

Katie said...

conversation pieces? oh, do tell - what is that? i'm in love with that top!

Corinne Phipps said...

LOVE your site!!!
Would you care to do some guest blogging for Urban Darling?

Tracy said...

@Katie-Aren't those great? Uber Chic for Cheap turned me on to that site this week...check it out, it's awesome!

@Corinne-Thanks for the wonderful compliment...I'd LOVE to! How exciting!

Heidi said...

Funny you should mention Walmart on Valentines Day. My husband and I rocked Walmart sweats all day on Vday. (We went kayaking in them and then came home like two wet dogs.)

PS. This outfit is FANTASTIC.


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