Monday, February 15, 2010

Cha Cha on the Cheap

What's better than a trip to the mall with a friend? How about a trip just down the street to a thrift store and Payless shoes? Much better in my book! On Saturday a girlfriend and I did just that...she scored about $350 worth of designer merchandise from the Discovery shop for $50 (and now knows the secret to great cheap clothes in our town!) and we both did some major damage at Payless shoes, which is right next door. It's BOGO time, and we took full advantage of the buy one get one half off promo. After picking out the same pair of "cha cha" earrings above (her word, LOVE it) she ended up with those awesome silver sandals and me with that cool yellow purse. We're a bad-in-a-good way combination when it comes to discount shopping!
And that outfit (minus the shoes) is what I wore yesterday on our hot Valentine's Home Depot, Target, Bev Mo and Mexican food. Running errands while the baby has a sitter is pretty darn close to romance these days!

The scoop:
Sandals, Payless
Jupiter Mid Satchel, Payless
Chandelier Cabashan Earrings, Payless
Tiered Voile Skirt, Old Navy
Cropped Denim Jacket, Old Navy
Grommet Neck Top, Forever 21

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You are SO Cha Cha!
-Your Husband


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