Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Outdoor Wedding Wear

Kristin said, "I love your blog! It's so cute. I have a special request for it. I'm going to an evening outdoor wedding, and am worried about being cold, but I don't really want to wear my coat either. Any ideas?"
First, thanks so much! I'm glad you like my's a bunch of fun! Second, I've been looking for a reason to use this black bolero jacket from Charlotte Russe. I paired it with a corset top (yes, I am rather obsessed with them...I realized when I looked through some old posts I've used quite a few. So shoot me, corsets are cool) and a CHEAP-O skirt from Forever 21. If you're daring, you could even wear it with tall black boots to keep you extra warm. I love using stuff from Etsy, so I searched for a clutch that would match. Add some bling and you're good to go! Thanks for the request, Kristin...I hope you like it!

The scoop:
Ruched Satin Corset, Charlotte Russe
Bolero Jacket, Charlotte Russe
Satin Bow Pumps, Target
Rhinestone Hoops, Forever 21
Skirt, Forever 21
Mod Metal Ring, Forever 21
Clutch, Etsy

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Anonymous said...

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