Friday, February 19, 2010

Tracy Takes on Tiger

So I just finished watching the Tiger Wood's "press conference" (if you can call it that), and I have just one question...

Where did the lady in the front row get her sweater?
Yeah, you lady! You in the uber cute beige ruffle wrap sweater! Where did you get it? Anyone out there in blogland know? If you can tell me, I'll make a style post just for you! (I'd make one for you anyway, but this way it's kind of like you win something!)

***Yeah, I know this is a lame excuse for a post...I was all set to blog about my great finds at the Discovery shop, as promised last week. Then I got sick. Being sick I can handle...being sick with a teething 9 month old? They don't tell you about that in "What to Expect". ***


kimmie said...

Tell me about it. Teething is the WORST!!

I didn't watch the "press conference" - do you have any photos of said sweater? :)

Tracy said...

Thanks Kimmie, glad to know there's a mom out there who can relate!
I can't find any pictures of the sweater...darn! But if you head over to the Facebook fan page someone found a very similar sweater.

Kristin F. said...

I only saw it from far away, but it reminded me of this super cute (and cheap if you use the 40% off sale items coupon I've got) one from Down East Basics. I've been eyeing it for a few months now.

Tracy said...

Kristin! As in Kristin my soon to be cousin in law? I sure hope so, because if that sales coupon applies to more than one item I'm going to send you a check so you can order a sweater for each of us! It's ADORABLE!

ashley said...

Tracy, I wish I could tell you the teething gets better. How many does she have now and when did she get her first teeth? My little pit bull just cut all her first year molars at ONCE. And then sprouted two incisors when I wasn't looking. It was no picnic. The dang kid has fourteen teeth already. Did I mention she got her first two when she was five months and I was still nursing? Hang in there. And stock up on Motrin. Love you!


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