Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Budget Bump

Being pregnant is exciting...and expensive! Suddenly you're growing, nothing fits quite the same, and...wait, you want me to wear pants with elastic that goes up to my ribs? Any they cost $75?
Having recently had a baby, I'm not too far removed from maternity shopping. Pair that with a family reunion this weekend with three adorably pregnant cousins, and it was time for a maternity look.
Everything today comes from Old Navy, a pregnant chick's paradise. I got shirts on sale there for $1.99. (Watch for the additional 50% off on marked down merchandise sales). Their real waist pants are a gift from the maternity gods. They sit right below your stomach but don't fall down. Amazing!
Another maternity tip...buy as you grow. I made the mistake of getting a bunch of bigger shirts when I was newly pregnant and never wore a one. (I also bought three pairs of under belly elastic maternity jeans and grew out of them in one week...elastic up to your ribs has it's merits!)

The scoop:
Cut Out Ballet Flats
Faux Leather Trim Canvas Tote
Oversized Sunglasses
Hammered Metal Hoops
Long Layering Cami
Hooded Henley
Paisley Print Lightweight Scarf
Trouser Real Waist Jeans

1 comment:

April said...

Thanks for the tip about buying as you grow. I just went online and started drooling over clothes I was about to buy...then I saw this post! Grant also thanks you (without knowing it) for having saved me from spending money I don't need to spend (yet).


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