Thursday, February 25, 2010

40's Chic on the Cheap

Dear red peep toes,
I love you so. I wish I had a reason to wear you. Really, I do. Even though you're under $20, I know that you won't go with yoga pants, and would be completely wrong for chasing a small child throughout the house. Yet I still want you. (You too black dress.)

Outfits like this almost make me wish I still had a job downtown. Almost, but not quite!  

The scoop...all from Forever 21:
Reminiscent Career Dress
Erin Bowtie Patent Pump
Portrait Silhouette Clutch
Petite Bow Studs
Triple Beaded Necklace


Sadako said...

Love the peep toes. I'm terrible at wearing heels but something in them is screaming at me, BUY!

Anyway, love your fashion sense!

Tracy said...

Thanks Sadako! Aren't those shoes great?!?


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