Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Spring Must Haves...On the Cheap

Casey asked, "Can you post a few must haves to add to our closets for the spring?" Like I've said before, I know beans about fashion. My style equates as such....What I like - What I can afford = My style. So my must have's for spring are a collection of things I would actually wear and can afford...hopefully you'll find something you like to add to your closet, too!

My spring must haves...
1. Denim Pearl Snap Shirt   Roll Up Chambray Camper Shirt, Old Navy
2. Embellished tank...totally easy to DIY with an old tank, too! Rosette Tank, Old Navy
3. Lacey feminine shirt  Lace Capsleeve Top, Forever 21
4. Floral Dress  Garden Brunch Woven Dress, Forever 21
5. Purple Shoes   Ruffle Ballet Flats, Target and Braided Faux Leather Wedges, Old Navy
6. Ruffled Cardigan   Ruffle Cardigan, Forever 21

What's are your must have items for spring? Anything else you think I should add to my shopping list?


Hutch said...

LOVE the lace top!

So here's a post idea for ya if you need one and want to help me out :)

I have a baby shower in early March and a wedding back east in May, which means weather could be questionable for both. The wedding is at the Hyatt Regency in Boston so kinda fancy, but not AS much so for the shower. Since the budget is tight and I'm not big on spending anyway, any suggestions on a dress/outfit that could be worn to both?


Katie said...

My spring must-haves:
-floral dresses (similar to what you've pictured here)
-cute 3/4 sleeve cardigans
-cowboy boots
-cute flat sandals
-hair flowers

Tracy said...

Ok Hutch, you got it...I love a good challenge!
Katie, I'm all about some cowboy boots! (Cute ones, not the ones covered in muck in my garage.) :)


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