Friday, September 11, 2009

Swap meet anyone?

For some reason, this outfit makes me want to visit a flea market. A flea market with lots of vintage finds and deals on antiques. And corn dogs!
I love this vintage typewriter key necklace from Etsy. There's a huge assortment of can pretty much find any letter, number or key that you'd like. I'm thinking of buying one.
On a totally different note, I'm awfully proud of myself, shopping wise...I've only bought one thing I've featured in a blog post. All that online shopping, and I've only given in once! Can you guess what it was?

The goods:
Artisan Coat, Boden
Paris Hilton Women's Watch, Overstock
Ballet Flats, Target
Totebag, Etsy
Shift Key Necklace, Etsy
Pearl Rose Earring Set, Forever 21
Diva Skinny Jeans, Old Navy

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