Thursday, September 3, 2009

Bring on Winter!

It's 100 freakin' degrees today and I've got a cold. All I want to do is curl up with a hot cup of tea and a blanket. Instead, I'm blasting the AC and drinking ice water. And being cranky.
In my current state, I'm longing for the day when I'll bundle up in a wool coat and great the crisp fall air. Thus the inspiration for today's outfit. Coats, tall boots, jeans, and scarves all hold the promise of cooler weather and a new season. Yay for fall! Hurry up!

The scoop:
Belted Newsboy Cap, NY & Co.
Wonderland Plaid Scarf, Forever 21
Tall Boots, Target
Satchel, Kohls
Quilted Double Breated Jacket, Charlotte Russe
Leather Hoop Earrings, Charlotte Russe
Patch Pocket Jeans, Old Navy

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