Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Day to Night: The Sequel

I love this gray skirt from Charlotte Russe, so I decided to use it twice today. There's actually quite a few things I'd buy from Charlotte if I had any place to wear them. ("Day to night" duds for a stay at home mom are yoga capris that double as both pants and pajamas!)
Also, I think brooches are awesome. I'm going to start using them more often, and scoping out Ebay for some good deals. If anything, this blog has made me a more adventurous dresser (that is, when I'm not wearing yoga pants).

The scoop:


cheyenne2 said...

too cute tracy! You are so very clever! What is the Fashion equivalent of "Bon Appetite"?

Daffernia said...

Both outfits a truly awesome. I just like the way you used Charlotte Russe gray skirt in both outfits.


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