Friday, September 18, 2009

Purple Overkill

Looking back through my old posts I realized that I use lots of pink, brown, and black & white, but I rarely feature anything purple. Probably has a lot to do with the fact that I hardly ever wear purple. My closet is full of, you guessed it, black, white, brown and pink. I really should branch out a bit.
So today....purple overkill for under $100! Too much purple? You tell me!

The goods:
Divine Satin Dress, Forever 21
Satin Shirred Clutch, Target
Koture Ruffle Peep Toes, Payless
Jeweled Flex Bracelet, Kohls
Chandelier Earrings, Kohls


cheyenne2 said...

I like your purple and grey ensemble! Very Chic. Not over kill at all. Looks good for an evening in town :)

cheyenne2 said...

How about an outfit to wear to see Merle Haggard at at the Mondavi Center in would have to be dressy type funky, yet comfy !
And how about a travel outfit. Looking good and able to stretch my legs on the plane....and shoes that are easy on, easy off for the Airport Security?

Tracy said...

You've got it!! I've been a bad blogger lately...letting my real job get in the way of my blogging! ;)


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