Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Travelin' Woman

Nikki, a dedicated blog reader (and awesome farm wife!) said, "how about a travel outfit. Looking good and able to stretch my legs on the plane....and shoes that are easy on, easy off for the Airport Security?"
Hopefully this fits the bill! Many, many plane trips between California and Texas to visit Mr. Cheap before he became my husband taught me a thing or two about air travel. Layering is essential. (The weather was always much different in humid Austin than in the Denver airport, and certainly warmer than my starting point on the California coast.) Jeans are the way to go...they don't wrinkle, so you can look polished when you get off the plane. (On my first trip to visit Mr. Cheap, a bonified super model got off the plane right before me. I had spent weeks picking out the perfect outfit, only to be upstaged by a 6 foot blond. Lucky for me, Mr. Cheap didn't make it to the terminal in time to greet me, missing his chance at super model love).
Speaking of super models, how chic will you be wearing this outfit? Just add a cute carryon and you're off on your adventure!

The goods:


cheyenne2 said...

Fantastic Tracy! I am off to Old Navy right now :)

Tracy said...

Yay! I'm so glad you like it! Let me know what you find at Old Navy and if the sweater is as cute in person! :)

cheyenne2 said...

Good Morning Tracy! I went to Old Navy and our local store didn't have the striped sweater. They do have alot of super cute sweater coats in many styles and many colors....and...they are marked down from $34.50 to only $20.00!

Tracy said...

Whoo hoo! I'm on my way there today! I want that orange one from the Art Walk post. Can't beat $20!


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