Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tracy gets Twisted

While in college I worked at a swanky jewelry store. As employees, we got to wear anything we wanted on our shift....$5,000 cocktail rings, $1,000 strings of pearls, $10,000 chandelier earrings, tennis bracelets and Rolex watches. It was every girl's dream.
I hated it. 
You put "real" jewelry on me and I don't feel ritzy and chic, I feel like a nervous imposter. One day I left for an errand wearing those crazy chandelier earrings and nearly had a heart attack. Give me Target baubles any day. (But I did score a great employee discount on our wedding bands, so that was a bonus!)
Which brings me to my point. The other day I discovered Twisted Silver, a store full of beautiful, yet affordable, jewelry. Rarely do I click over to a site and love every single thing they have for sale, but that's the case here. Love love love! So, I decided to use them in a post (along with my cha cha shoes that I went back and bought at Burlington Coat Factory with a $10 off coupon!) Click on over to their site and let me know what your favorite thing is! (These are my favorite!)

The scoop:
Hepburn Earrings, Twisted Silver
Retro Bracelet, Twisted Silver
Metal Bead Skinny Belt, Forever 21
Paisley Floral Skirt, Forever 21
Slouchey Leatherette Tote, Forever 21
Thekkady Vest, Modcloth
Crochet Lace Trim Shirt, Old Navy
Wedges, Burlington Coat Factory

(And no, Twisted Silver did not sponsor me to do this post, I just love their stuff!)


Twisted Tina said...

So glad you're Twisted!! And the outfit you pulled together is simply beautiful! Barainistas love Twisted because so many pieces can be worn in multiple ways: necklaces double-wrapped for bracelets, bracelets linked for chokers etc... that you get more looks for your investment. I'm so happy you found us! :)

Katie said...

Love the look! That skirt fits a little funky though, for those of you interested in it - make sure you try it on!
I checked out the Twisted Silver site - great stuff! Thanks for the heads-up on them!!


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