Saturday, March 6, 2010

Bon Bon Saturday Fun

Bon Bon Rose is a blog I'm totally digging lately, and they have a cool theme called Champagne Saturdays...basically, you share what you're wearing (and drinking!) on Saturday! 
The outfit above is what I'd be wearing if I weren't still in my pajama's. (It's not noon yet, so I still have some time to change before I'm really a lazy bum). And we have a fridge full of Guinness, so that's my drink of choice. (Really I'm drinking my third cup of coffee...but sipping a pint of Guinnessy goodness in that cute outfit above would make for a great Saturday afternoon!)

The scoop:
Sunglasses, Forever 21
Three Piece Metal Earring Set, Payless
Stella Gladiator Sandal, Payless
Origami Applique Cardigan, Old Navy
Distressed Bootcut Jeans, Old Navy
Epoxy and Rhinestone Bangles, Charlotte Russe
Whipstich Tassel Hobo, Charlotte Russe
Ring, Forever 21
Top, Forever 21


Kristin said...

LOVE this look sweets! The coral is so fresh and Springy! Thanks so much for participating!

Lindsay said...

Adorable. Lovin' the coral!

Tonja said...

There are those forbidden white pants again :) Love the outfit.. wish I could wear it!

Katie said...

Very cute! :-) I love the sandals....

Tracy said...

Thanks all!
@Kristin-Thank YOU! What a great way to connect with other like minded bloggers!
@Tonja-You can do white pants! I dare ya! :)

Leslee said...

LOVE the coral, but danged if I can't seem to pull off white pants! I swear, I try almost every year, but just don't feel they do me justice!

Perhaps with this cute little coutfit I can!! See, there I go again with the white pants!

Heather @ Alis Grave Nil said...

Gorgeous. Great job, as always. I love the color combination and the shoes.


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