Tuesday, March 9, 2010

SJP's Pearls

I have a confession to make...I've never understood the whole Sarah Jessica Parker thing. Perhaps it's because I've never really had cable, and can count the number of Sex in the City episodes I've seen on one hand. But the other night, I finally got it. On that new show "Who do you think you are?", SJP (now that I get it I can refer to her by an acronym) wore the same strand of pearls throughout the whole show. In New York. In Northern CA (hey, ya!). In Boston. In Salem. She was never over dressed...in fact, she dressed very casually, save the strand of pearls. That's my kind of fashion, wearing the same thing every day and still looking good! So I found some cheapo  fake pearls on Ebay and threw together a casual look for less than $100. (Also my kind of fashion...cheap.) 
What do you think? Does it work? Would SJP approve of TOTC?

The scoop:
Vintage Felt Hat, Forever 21
Skinny Jeans, Old Navy
Ballet Flats, Target
Scarf, Forever 21
Rose Dome Handbag, Tilly's
3/4 Sleeve Beaded Shoulder Tee, Forever 21
Skinny Faux Leather Belt, Forever 21
Faux Pearl Necklace, Ebay


Kelly Gallagher said...

Especially like the purse! I'm very into roses right now for some reason. :)

Katie said...

i was just debating on whether or not to buy that purse - i've been eyeing it for weeks!
love the entire outfit! i'd certainly buy everything you've shown (although i already own the hat and flats!).

Amiee said...

Think the hat is so cute, not sure if I could pull it off, but works with the whole outfit nicely.


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