Monday, March 1, 2010

It's Summer in Australia!

Amiee said, "I'm attending a 'cocktail style' wedding here in Australia in a month and am a bit ashamed to say I'm not sure what the difference is to a 'normal' wedding (apart from obviously it's not a sit down dinner). Any help with suitable clothing would be appreciated! And we are coming to the end of a very hot Summer at the moment!"
An international request? How exciting! As I was looking through W magazine the other day (don't worry, I'm not going all high fashion on you. My mom started getting W sent to her for some unknown reason, and since giving my mother a fashion magazine is like sending Playboy to the Pope, it sits there, unread, until I visit.) I digress. W had a ton of pages that featured black and cream with hints of red and mint. So I did my best to be all trendy and make Amiee an outfit befitting an Australian cocktail style wedding. (Which I think must be a little less dressy than a regular wedding, perhaps?)
What do you think blogland? Does this work for a cocktail wedding? What is a cocktail style wedding, anyway? 

The scoop:
Tile Hoop Earrings, Nordstrom
Straw Hat, Kohls
Contrast Floral Linen Dress, Forever 21
Patent Leather Belt, Kohls
Peep Toe Pumps, Target
Flap Satchel, Target
Flower Disc Ring, Charlotte Russe


Wendy said...

Ok Tracy, now this one I could totally pull off. Now if only I had an cocktail style wedding to attend!

Have I mentioned how much I love, love, love your blog?

Tonja said...

I think a cocktail style wedding is really what any evening wedding has turned into lately.. something you'd wear that perfect little black dress to... nothing stuffy at all about it! Think cocktail party...

But I DO love the outfit!

Amiee said...

Thanks Tracey, I do love the dress! And the hat is also practical with our weather at the moment. We haven't haven't had a day below 35C in about a month (about 95F I think)!

Heather @ Alis Grave Nil said...

Imma be a total nerd and say I couldn't do the red and green together. Black/white and red or green for me. Still trying to break free of my matchy-matchy elementary school rules. But I love the whole look. I'm just a nerd. (Remember my weird color/number thing? I don't like red or green numbers together either.)

Weirdy McWeirderson

cheyenne2 said...

I love the outfit Tracy, You are so clever! I love the red and mint added to the black and white! I think Stacy and Clinton would be very proud of you!


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