Tuesday, April 6, 2010

And I'm back!

I'm back to blogging after a great trip to Texas to visit the in-laws. This is what we did a lot of:
Yep, that's me, eating. (Why did I choose such an unflattering picture as my first appearance on my own blog? Good question.) Taco Cabana, Sonic, BBQ, Velveeta & Rotel, fried Allsup's Burritos....you name it, we ate it. My husband and I both missed Texas food (but our waistbands are quite glad we live in California). 

Onward! Check out my guest post on Urban Darling from last week, where I take on BCBG and restyle an $800 outfit. I've got loads of reader requests coming up, including a look for an Anthropologie dress scored on eBay, a vintage themed graduation party outfit, and attire for a Swedish wedding. 
Do you have a reader request? Let me know, I'm always up for a fun fashion challenge! 


T. The Destructor said...

Your guest post on Urban Darling was great...I actually preferred your look to the original :) Great work! I can't wait for those upcoming reader requests :)

Tracy said...

Thanks T! I'm on a search for the perfect vintage inspired dress for you...think I may have found one! Stay tuned! ;)

Alyson V. said...

Thank goodness for RTC to recover from all those Texas calories! LOL! See ya there!


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