Saturday, March 13, 2010

Simple Saturday

It's Champagne Saturday at BonBon Rose, where bloggers share the outfit they're wearing and what they are drinking while enjoying their Saturday.
The outfit above is what I'm actually wearing today, right down to the Payless earrings. My big job of the day was grocery shopping at Trader Joe's for just six things, but instead I left with six  full grocery bags. Oops. Like my momma always says, don't grocery shop while you're hungry. I drank some fantastic tangerine juice on the way home, so that's my drink of the day.

The scoop:
BCBG Sunglasses, Ross (I know! 5 bucks!)
Old Navy Diva Jeans, Discovery Shop
Earrings, Payless
Purse, Payless
Flats, Target
Shirt, Old Navy clearance
Cardigan, Old Navy
Scarf, Old Navy


Kristin said...

Totally loving the whole ensemble. I'm a sucker for a pretty scarf!! Thanks again for joining us!!

kimmie said...

Cute outfit! how in the world do you wear dangly earrings with your baby around? My 10 month old is a little mr. grabby hands and will rip off any necklace or earrings I put on. I'm missing wearing all my nice earrings :(

Tracy said...

That made me laugh Kimmie! My little one isn't too interested in my earrings, luckily for me...that's because she always wants down so she can crawl and put all the things on the floor in her mouth. Mom is boring. :)

Anonymous said...

Love the yellow purse, so cute!!!

Alyson V. said...

okay now this I could do! I am a t-shirt & jeans girl all the way... but that doesn't mean I want to be plain jane. I so need more ideas like this to dress up my wardrobe a little. I seriously lack in the fashion dept. ;)


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