Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Goodwill to All!

My annual Black Friday trip to Goodwill was a great success! I walked out with $60 worth of half price merchandise (including a 100% silk shirt with the $99.50 price tag still attached!). I decided to include a few things I bought in my posts this week, starting with this Target shirt dress. I loved this dress when it was in the stores a while back, but not enough to spend $35. Three bucks at Goodwill? I'll take it! Since it's a summer dress, and I want to wear it, like, NOW, I'm layering it over a turtle neck and wearing a cardigan. For some reason, the layered look is a lot easier to pull off in real life than it is in Photoshop. Thus the kind of mis-matched, old lady look above. Trust me, it's much cuter in person!

The goods:
Merona Shirt Dress, Thrifted
Turtle Neck, Arden B
Toggle Cardigan, Forever 21
Hobo Tote, Old Navy
Gilded Goldfinch Necklace, Modcloth
Buckle Your Bootstraps Boots, Ruche


my name is lauren. said...

i'm sure it's super cute in real life :). glad you scored some good loot!

C.Flower said...

What a brilliant blog! You have fine tastes, Tracy. Your design skills are superb too. Are you creating your images in Photoshop? You blog is impressive. From one pennypinching dame to another: Kudos! :)

Tracy said...

Thanks so much for you kind words! Yes, I use Photoshop...I'm learning as I go!


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