Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Turkey Day!

Well hello! It's been quite a while since I've fired up Photoshop and done some good bargain shopping! A lack of baby naps has severely hindered my blogging. (But given me some really enjoyable mommy time!) 
I had a request for something to wear on Thanksgiving. Great idea! Considing last year I wore pajama pants and a ratty sweatshirt (thank you, pregnancy for making me feel awesome) I think I'm going to dress up a bit this year. I like this outfit from Old Navy because the sweater, shirt, and jeans are great wardrobe basics, and the whole shebang is under $150.
Just FYI, if you're in need of some good shopping, I know that the Goodwill in my city has a half off sale on Black Friday. Last year I bought a whole shopping cart full of baby clothes for $50. Each item was a whopping $1.17. And, amazingly enough, baby has outgrown almost everything I bought. Time for another trip! (Are you one of those people who think shopping for your kid at Goodwill is gross? If so, I'm sorry. We ain't rollin' in dough around here.)

The scoop:
Perfect V Neck Sweater
Sateen Camp Shirt
Lizard Print Flats
Diva Wide Leg Jeans
Faux Leather Satchel
Necklace, Check in stores, no longer online


my name is lauren. said...

i love this. comfy, but still pulled together and cute.

glad you're back. you were missed, but glad you got good baby time :).

p.s. goodwill = awesome, not gross.

cheyenne2 said...

see you in the morning Tracy! And away we go :)

Heather @ Alis Grave Nil said...

Yay, you're back! and Yay thrift stores. Nothing like a good deal! :) Happy Thanksgiving.


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