Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Twas the night before the night before Christmas...

So the other day, after looking at a very stylish friend's photos on Facebook, I had a non-cheap moment.
"Santa", I said to myself, "This year, I would really, really like some nice jeans. Perhaps some jeans that I don't have to order sight unseen off eBay. Perhaps some jeans that don't have tattered hems and are just a teensy bit too short. Perhaps some jeans like this:

Or maybe this:

With this uncharacteristic, non cheap thought dancing in my head, I went out Christmas shopping with my mom. After a successful trip to Big Lots (Have you been to Big Lots? Oh how I love a great trip to Big Lots!) we popped over to the American Cancer Society Discovery Shop. The Discovery Shop is a great little thrift store that always has a good deal or two (plus it's staffed by incredibly cute and helpful volunteers who you just want to make your Grandma). With the thought of nice jeans still with me, I walked over to the "finer things" rack. And what to my wondering eyes should appear, but five pairs of designer jeans in my (almost) size!
This is about the point in any good story where we get to the antagonist, the villain if you will. We will call her Skinny Butt Mother* (or SBM for short). When I hold a particular pair of pants up and ask if they look like they will fit me, SBM says, "They look like they will fit ME!" She promplty takes all five pairs to the dressing room, from whence she declares, "They all fit!".
Then I enter, try on the jeans, (which fit ok, but will fit great very soon, damnit). I ask SBM if one pair looks ok, and she says "They look a little tight across the middle of your butt". (What are mothers for, if not complete honesty?) In the end, I ended up with two pairs, and she ended up with two pairs, and we were both happy. She even offered to keep the pants I bought until they fit me better. Isn't she the best?
So what did I get, you may be wondering. Well here ya go:

(Yes, that is my carpet. Isn't it awesome? Mint green is coming back into style someday, and when that day comes, won't we be trendy.)

And my best find of the year, the coupe de grace of cheapness...

$18 for hardly worn designer jeans that would cost $198 new? I'm a happy girl.

*You may can I say such things about my mother? Well, I'm pretty darn sure she can't figure out how to comment on my blog, so I feel secure. Yes mom, that's a challenge. Love ya!


my name is lauren. said...

i love finding good deals on designer jeans. if you're looking for some that will make your butt look uh-may-zing, try paige premium denim. you can sometimes find them for around $80 at nordstrom rack. not a complete steal, but i think you still get free alterations, and nordstrom has a great return policy (they returned my jeans that had a hole and instead of fixing them gave me a brand new pair!). anyway...i have no idea how they do it, but butt has never looked better than it does when i'm wearing my paige's. the only designer jeans i've ever bought that were truly worth heir obscene price tag.

my name is lauren. said...

feel free :). the tights were from f21 and were only $3.50 or $4.50...somewhere in there. shiny shoes from ross $16. dress from target $20. necklace from f21 $4.80. now i feel like i'm making my own "on the cheap" post :).

hope you had a great christmas!

Tracy said...

Well my goodness, I might just have to copy your whole outfit for a post!! You are proof that cheap stuff can look expensive...I could have sworn those shoes were pricey! Nice work! :)

And I'm still waiting for you to figure out how to comment, Mother. I even showed you how, c'mon now...

Jenni said...

You are grounded. Your mother.

Anonymous said...

Lee said...

I would like to come to the defense of SBM as her BFF. However, having been on the receiving end of her honest and direct opinions, ex: "could you put your hat on, the glare from your head is giving me a headache" I say to you Tracy...keep working out girl those other two pairs of jeans are YOURS!!

Wendy said...

It took me 5 whole minutes to decide how too comment on this particular post. as soon as I read it, I knew I MUST post! My, with the "hello Skinny Jeans" mommymuscle challenge starting up next's required.
So here goes, what a bummer you missed strollerfit this morning...we did inner thighs and adductors. But really, you are such a regular in both formats I'm sure you'll be in those skinny jeans in no time, with your mothers approval.
I'll toss in a few extra glutes in our restore the core workout tonight, just for you.

Love this blog!


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