Thursday, December 3, 2009

Seriously Walmart?

When I decided to use Walmart for my one stop shopping today, I fully expected to be able to keep everything under $100. Actually, I was shooting for $50. You know what I discovered? Walmart's whack. I'm certain I could walk in to any Walmart in America and leave with an outfit for less than $50...but not on Sure, I found a $20 dress, but that was it. Where are my standby fake diamond earrings? Where are the cheap purses and $10 shoes? Nowhere to be found.
You know what they do have? $250 shoes. You know what, Walmart? If I'm going to spend 250 bucks on shoes, it certainly isn't going to be on Heck, I don't even want to spend $46 on shoes, but the pickings were pretty slim. What up, Walmart? Think you're Macy's or something?

The overpriced goods:
Chiffon Party Dress
Black Satin Shoes
Satin Clutch
Black and White Diamond Earrings


Kelly Gallagher said...

You crack me up!

my name is lauren. said...

i'm super anti wal-mart, even though it is cheap. i never look on because i know i'll only be tempted by their cheap prices, but apparently i could look and still not be swayed with prices like those. is a super cute outfit...if not exactly cheap by walmart standards.


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