Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Cheap Holiday Cheer

Lauren of the little things we do (uber cute blog alert!) said, "My suggestion is how to look chic/warm. It's freezing here! Layers are a necessity, but most sweaters are bulky and unflattering so I avoid them at all costs. Ugh! Plus, most anything with ribbing is awful on me. I would love suggestions for how to bundle up and not look like I'm headed for the North Pole."
I hear ya, Lauren. I actually kinda  miss working in an office this time of year, because I loved layering up my work clothes in fun ways. Tights, sweaters, skirts, and boots were my corporate uniform from November to February. With some creative layering, I managed to wear my funky skirt collection year round!
I thought I'd make today's post a little more fun by throwing in some holiday cheer. (I've managed to resist the black, red and white urge for a quite a spell!) I think the key to not looking too bundled up is light layers (like the collared shirt and cardigan) and a bright colored coat with a belt to cinch it all in. Hope you like it, Lauren!

The scoop:
Cashmere Gloves, Target
Beret, Target
Erika Felt Coat, Forever 21
Belted Skirt, Forever 21
Shimmer Tights, Forever 21
Glitter Belt, Forever 21
Ruffle Cardigan, Old Navy
Cap Sleeve Top, Old Navy
Tara Tall Shaft Boot, Payless

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