Friday, December 18, 2009

Target One Stop Shopping!

Hello blogging world! It's been quite a while, I know.
Today it's all about Target. Have you noticed that I rarely use clothes from Target in my posts? That's because all the stuff on is shown on models...and it's darn hard to Photoshop models out of clothes. I had to hunt for stuff that flowed together just the right way...luckily it matched! (So if you're some Photoshop whiz, please don't make fun of my lack of skillz...)

The scoop:
Brass Big Brass Band Bracelet
Red Wedges
Green Jacket
Multi Strand Necklace
Beaded Wristlet
Trouser Jeans
Ruffle Top


my name is lauren. said...

that jacket is so cute. i suck at photo shop, so don't worry. i'm not judging.

Lindsay said...

Love this outfit... and I already own those shoes! They are comfy, great find. Furthermore... I can't photoshop ANYTHING, so props to you!!!!!

April said...

Love the look! I have flats just like those, but am loving the heel...think I may need to run out and get some!

Tracy said...

Thanks guys! It's nice to know people are still checking out the ol' blog even though I've totally dropped the ball...April, I think I'm going to emulate you and get to blogging more!!


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