Monday, December 28, 2009

Take a Memo...

When I was little, I loved playing office. My dad would bring home office supplies from the school he taught at, and I'd be in imagination heaven stamping, stapling, and hole punching. If only work was really that much fun!
If I had to dress up for work, I'd definitely be rocking some wide fishnet tights with some vintage inspired booties like these. And some funky reading glasses, even though they would just make my eyes hurt. Fashion is pain, people. Fashion is pain.
(I adore this typewriter necklace from Etsy...I've been eyeing it for quite a while now, and think I'm going to go ahead and make the purchase. And H is a special letter, indeed!)

Anyone out in blog land have any requests? I love ideas and would be just tickled to create a post for you, just leave me a comment here or on Facebook! 

The scoop:
Skirt, Forever 21
Tights, Forever 21
Tote, Forever 21
Brooch, Forever 21
Sweater, Forever 21
Capped Sleeve Shirt, Old Navy
Typewriter Key Necklace, Etsy
Oxford Booties, Payless


my name is lauren. said...

love this outfit. i love the idea of dressing up, but hated it when i had a job requiring me to do it every day. bleh!

maybe you can do a post about how to dress as a chic pre-school teacher. that's what i do. i need something i can bend over in. no heels. no open toe shoes. comfortable, but stylish. it's a constant struggle.

Tracy said...

Great idea! I'm on it! :)

cheyenne2 said...

Good idea ! All of us folks who have to wear closed toe, no heels, and closed back shoes to work need all the help we can get!
I am looking forward to your outfit idea Tracy!

Jenni...if Tracy is grounded how come you were babysitting yesterday?

April said...

I used to play office when I was little too! Best birthday ever was when I got a box of office supplies from my parents.


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