Friday, October 23, 2009

Kiss Me Kate

I have a confession to make...I know absolutely nothing about fashion. I don't follow trends. I don't pay any attention to what so-and-so celebrity is wearing. I can't tell you the top purse or shoe brands. My style is entirely dictated by what I like, and if what I like is on sale. Pretty ironic that I decided to write a fashion blog, right?
So why the disclaimer? Well, my friend Rachel suggested I take on Kate Spade for Frugal Friday, and honestly, I didn't know that Kate made more than purses. I know, stuck in the dark ages. So I discovered Kate Spade clothing. And serioulsy love what she's got going. Just look at that cute chick up there! Red, black and white! Polka Dots! Pencil Skirts! Kate and I are on the same wavelength. Well, not entirely. Kate's look costs $1,585. Blarg. That's a mortgage payment! Sorry Kate, my new found love only goes so far.

So, I gave Kate the kiss off and stole her look. And at less than $175, you can still look as if you've got 1,500 bucks to blow on clothes. Thanks for the inspiration, Kate. Sorry it didn't work out between us.

The goods:
Long Sleeve Cardigan, Topshop
Tweed Pencil Skirt, NY&Co
Dotted Shell, White House Black Market
Quilted Stretch Belt, Buckle
Patent Bag, Newport News
Rhinestone Petals Ring, Forever 21
Red Suede Peep Toes, Ebay
Solid Tights, Old Navy


Lindsay said...

Love the look! I love red, black, and white too!

cheyenne2 said...

Wow! Tracy...I would say you did Great Kate!With Kate you could have one outfit ...with Tracy you could have eight outfits! Cool!

my name is lauren. said...

this look is impressive. i can't believe you put this together for so cheap and it looks so much like the kate spade outfit...except even cuter.


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