Friday, July 31, 2009

In the Red

My favorite part of my corporate job was getting dressed up. It was a boring job in an even more boring office, and I only saw about 3 people on any given day. Because of my relative isolation, I took the opportunity to push the envelope style-wise. Some days I'd look in the mirror halfway through the day and be thankful that I didn't cross paths with many people. But most days I was able to mix and match by bargain finds into some pretty awesome outfits. One of my favorite pieces was a polka dot skirt, much like this one from Forever 21. I would have loved to wear it with these T strap pumps. (And yes, $50 for shoes is a bit steep for me...I'll have to use them in another post soon to get their money's worth!)
The moral of the story? Dressing for the 8 to 5 doesn't have to be boring...have some fun!

Stay in the black with these deals:
Faux Pearl Choker, Old Navy
Red Tote,
"Just Sweet" Watch,
Lace Cami, Old Navy
Belted Jacket, Charlotte Russe
Pleated Polka Dot Skirt, Forever 21
Unlisted T-Strap Pump,


Lindsay said...

I love it! How do you do it? :)

Tracy said...

Thanks Linds! It's all about Photoshop and a sleeping baby...and lots of self control not to whip out the credit card every time I find something I love! So glad you like it!


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