Monday, October 26, 2009

Sequins & Such

Katie said, "Hi TOTC! I love your blog! I have a suggestion for you - what would you wear with a sequined skirt? I just bought one today (because I'm a Rachel Zoe junkie and she "loves her some sequins") and have a few ideas for what to wear it with, but would love your opinion!" Katie then detailed some of her recent purchases over on her blog, and I borrowed her look (with permission, of course!) and added some accessories. I kept it monochromatic and used just a few semi-sparkly accessories. Katie travels for her job (read some of her hilarious travel stories here), so I threw in an awesome crocodile print patent carry on bag.
What do you think? Could you wear this to work? Does it need color, or would that be too much? Like I said before, I'm no fashion expert, so I could have totally missed the boat on sequins!

The goods:
Sequin Skirt, Tilly's
White Tee, Tilly's
Tuxedo Vest, Tilly's
Flat Boots, Payless
Flapper Bugle Bead Necklace, Forever 21
Patent Crocodile Carry On Bag, Charlotte Russe
Opaque Tights, Forever 21
Etched Teardrop Earrings, Charlotte Russe
Gaudy Faceted Ring, Forever 21

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