Friday, November 13, 2009

BCBGee That's Expensive!

Hello up there, trendy model! You look pretty chic in your BCBG outfit.
What's that you say? You spent $866 on your clothes? Gee...that's quite a bit of money! Well, it must cost that much to look stylish these days...

Oh wait...never mind. It actually only costs $75 to look stylish! You really didn't need that extra $800, did you trendy model?

The scoop...all from Forever 21:
Satin Tiered Skirt


my name is lauren. said...

tracy....ummmm....i'm kind of missing your posts...a LOT. hope you write more soon!

Tracy said...

Thanks, Lauren! I'll be posting more soon...had to take a mommy break, baby isn't taking as many naps as she used too, majorly cuts into my bloggin' time! ;)

cheyenne2 said...

Tracy what should we wear for Thanksgiving???????


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