Friday, November 6, 2009

Alexander McCostly

Here's what I know about Alexander McQueen:
1) When you Google "top designers", he's the first name that appears.
2) If you have an extra $4,215 lying around, he can help you look like the chick above (and that price is without the fur stole).
3) He really likes jaunty hats.

Here's what I know about Tracy on the Cheap:
1) I don't have four grand to spend on clothes. Hello, mortgage!
2) My version costs $4,000 less than Alex's.
3) I could never pull off that jaunty hat.

The scoop:
Wool Blazer, Overstock
Booties, Endless
Felt Fedora, Target
Racing Gloves, Urban Outfitters
Vintage Mink Stole, Ebay
Riding Pants, Charlotte Russe

1 comment:

Katie said...

Good job on McQueen. He's another of my favorite designers! Love his out-there style, and I do love the jaunty hats. :-)


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