Monday, August 31, 2009

Guy Stuff

In our house, there's an even bigger cheapskate than sweet husband. He rarely buys clothes, and when he does, they usually come from the clearance rack. He proudly wears shirts from his senior year of high school. He looks at how much stuff costs per ounce at the grocery store, and loves a good trip to Wal Mart.
He's also my secret blog weapon. I may think the day's outfit looks great, but he'll say, "It would look so much better with a clutch" or "How about a tiara?" Frugal, good looking, and fashion conscious. What a catch!
(Since he's a new daddy, I threw in a Texas A&M diaper bag so he can support his alma mater and look stylin' while changing the latest stinker. Thanks, darlin!)
So here's to you, argyle wearing, jaunty hat loving, all around sweetheart of a guy. You deserve some new duds!

The scoop:
Men's Basic Leather Belt, Old Navy
Converse One Star Oxfords, Target
Diaper Bag, The Trading Post of Texas
Argyle Sweater Vest, Old Navy
Poplin Shirt, Old Navy
Link Watch, Overstock
Newsboy Cap, Ebay
Seth Jean, Forever 21


Kelly said...

Your blog is the best... I always love reading it and it makes me want to dress cute! My hubby is just like yours, especially when it comes to checking the price per ounce!
Great post!

Heather @ Alis Grave Nil said...

Cute outfit. I had to read it before I realized that you meant it was for a guy, not guy clothes for a girl. Feeling retarded. Goodnight.

Heather @ Alis Grave Nil said...

PS my spam check word was "undies"



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