Friday, August 21, 2009

Tracy & Julia

A loyal blog reader suggested an outfit based on Julia Child's 1950's wardrobe in the new movie "Julie and Julia". If you haven't see it, you's an absolutely delightful movie. Great stories, great characters, and great clothes. The critics who panned Amy Adams character are all cynics, in my opinion. (Or maybe as a chick approaching 30 writing a blog she thinks no one reads, I just identified with her!)
Julia was tall, and Meryl Streep is not, so she wears incredibly high platform heels the whole movie. These va va voom spectator peep toes hearken back to the 50's...and they're only $10!
A vintage wicker purse, Etsy brooch, and tweed skirt and jacket continue the 50's vibe. Add Julia's signature pearls and you'll look tres chic! Bon appetit!

Ingredients for today's look:
Reclaimed Wool Sweater Brooch, Etsy
Vintage Wicker Purse, eBay

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