Friday, August 28, 2009

Wedding Wear

Kerry and her daughter Jennifer are going to a wedding in October and asked me to create an outfit for each of them. Kerry, today's look is yours!
She said, "I tend to lean towards black for dresses, but I'm open for suggestions - greens, blues, burgundy whatever. Nothing too crazy and no yellow or orange. No spiky heals since we would rather not aerate their lawn all night and then of course it could get chilly before the night's over."
I hope the dress isn't too crazy! I threw in a sweater to keep the chill off, and hopefully the heels are wide enough so as not to punch holes in the lawn. Hope you like it! I'll post Jen's look next week.
Do any of you out in blog land have a request? Something you'd like to see? A story about a great deal you've scored? (I'm desperate for interaction, can you tell?)

The scoop:
Tobbyn Sandals, Target


jennifer_stockton said...

If you keep making requests for requests I'll keep using you as my personal shoper. :) I just bought these awesome turquoise shoes - Mossimo Supply Co. Turquoise Odell Ballet Flats from Target. When you get a chance might you fashion me an outfit for these flats? Thank you!

Tracy said...

I LOVE those shoes! I have them in black and am lusting after the red ones. I'll get on it! :) Maybe you can wear them to the wedding?


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