Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Trendy Teacher

Judy requested an outfit for a teacher...but Judy isn't just any kind of teacher, she's an agriculture teacher. Basically Judy has to dress so she is equally prepared to meet with the principal, teach high school kids, corral livestock on a moments notice, and oversee an evening FFA meeting. (Yep, that's Future Farmers of America).
Teachers need big tote bags to carry all their stuff, and this bag from Target is perfect. I checked it out in person today (the weekly Target diaper run), and it's a great purse...big enough for the necessities but not so big that it's overpowering.
At first I had this outfit paired with some white earrings, but it needed a punch of color, thus the coral earrings. I'm a big fan of color, if you haven't noticed! The coral and peach necklace (Only 7 bucks!) rounds out the look.
And if you get manure all over your shoes (it happens) you'll only be out $18. Not too shabby.

The goods:

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