Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I'm a Big Ol' Meanie...

So the other night my good friend Jenni came over for dinner, along with a bunch of other good friends and my just ok brother.  (See how I put veiled insults in my blog to see if my family reads it?) Anywho, Jenni said that some of her law school friends read my blog, and some of those friends were afraid to write me to ask for fashion advice. I totally understand this, as I am quite the imposing and scary individual. As evidenced from this blog, you can tell that I am serious, no nonsense, and wicked mean. You would not want to send me an email asking for cheap fashion ideas, because I might yell at you. Or worse. So don't send me emails asking for advice, or where to find cheap stuff, because I'm not into that. See that outfit I made up there? Just killing time. Putting red and yellow together, with awesome flower punches, is SO not my style.
So get it straight: no emails. Don't send them to tracyonthecheap at gmail dot com. Just don't.

The scoop: Pulsar Watch, Overstock       Tank, Modcloth     Skirt, Modcloth      Necklace, Modcloth    Heels, Modcloth     Bag, Target


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