Saturday, May 29, 2010

Shoe Envy

Are you seeing these shoes? Arghg! Shoe love! It would have been too easy to pair these with a LBD, so I tried to make them work-friendly. Would you wear them?
So I keep seeing that clip from the new Sex and  the City movie where Carrie is blown away by the concept of $20 shoes. Umm...I think Carrie and I might not be shopping buddies. I passed up a pair of $13 shoes yesterday because I was feeling cheap (these red flats).  Not that I wouldn't love a pair of really expensive shoes. I would. As long as someone else was paying.
Tell me blogland...what's the most you've ever spent on shoes? Was it worth it?

The scoop...all from that great place called Forever 21:
Wooden Belt
Wire Cuff
Dome Ring
Ruffle Purse


Lindsay said...

I max out at $100. And I always have to have a coupon to bring that price down... so I guess my max is $75. *Gasp! I know!* But to me, its always, always worth it. I LOOOOVVVVEEEE shoes.

Katie said...

Yeah, I'm with Lindsay, about $100 is my limit. I tend to go for the $30-50 shoes, as I pretty much tear them up at work. Expensive shoes would just get trashed and then I'd be mad.

kimmie said...

The majority of my everyday shoes are in the $15-25 range... but my running shoes are expensive since I don't want to hurt my feet. And I splurged on a pair of Frye boots last year when I had a gift card plus discount.. still ended up being $180 out of pocket, but it was worth it!

Tonja said...

I am usually cheap when it comes to every day shoes (I'm a flip flops girl 80% of the time) and for special occasions I've spend up to $80 (very rare). HOWEVER, I think you know my recent shoe purchase that blew all other shoe purchases out of the water and that is my Frye boots. I've already tossed away the memory of the $$ amount on the receipt, but I think they were in the $300 range. Enough to make me choke a little... but so worth it. Still trying to find outfits to wear them with (and get my hips a little smaller so the skinny jeans actually still look skinny once on me), but I know they were money well spent.

Amiee said...

I was about to agree and say no more than $90 (that's aussie dollars mind) but then I remembered I maxed out on a pair of cross trainers for basketball and netball!


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