Sunday, June 13, 2010

Your Other Left...or Why I Don't Go to the Mall

Next week I'm going to Forever 21 for the first time since I started this blog. In fact, I haven't been to Forever 21 since I worked downtown and used to play hooky during lunch. I didn't even get a lunch (I worked through it in order to get out of work faster) but some days I would need to go to the "printer" or "take some photos" or someplace equally fake. Instead, I either drove around aimlessly trying to figure out why I was wasting my life working in a windowless office with a boss who was a cross between Martha Stewart and Hitler, or I'd go shopping. And feel guilty about it the whole time. Long story short, I haven't been to Forever 21 in a long, long time. Part of that is because the only one's around here are in malls, and I hate the mall. I hate the smell...the mix of Cinnabon, Bath and Body Works, and teenager. But the main reason I hate the mall is because of my (self diagnosed) directional dyslexia. Anyone who knows me, has traveled with me, or ever asked me for directions knows I am hopeless. I can't tell my right from my left, or North from South, it's that bad. (Isn't that sad? I should be in a support group or something. Hello my name is Tracy and I'm really lame).
So anyway, I walk in to a store, shop around, then leave. And can't remember which way I came in. I literally end up walking in circles, completely lost and eventually frustrated. Plus the people there walk way too slow. SO...I don't go to the mall. But next week, I'm going to a Forever 21 that's in an old Gottschalks, completely non-mall. And it's close to the beach. Life is good. (Plus when you're close to the beach, it's really easy to tell which way is West!)

The scoop, all from Forever 21:
Earrings, $7.80
Floral Tunic, $19.80
Linen Pants, $22.80
Sunglasses, $5.80
Sandals, $19.80
Purse, $29.80


Patty said...

I totally agree with the hate for malls, which is why shopping in SLO is so awesome!! And you could get lost in the Forever 21 here... it is amazing, and there are soooooo many great clothes!!

Katie said...

you could always go to vintage faire mall in modesto - their F21 is in an old Gottschalks too, but you don't have to go inside the mall to get there!!
you better let us know how successful your trip is!

Amiee said...

I like those earrings..shame it's wet and cold here at the mo :(

Heather A. Phillips said...

beware, the one in SLO, has way way too much space, you literally walk all over (I guess you burn a few calories) but it is a bit daughting, but at least you can see all the way across the place.. but beware, its huge...

Tracy said...

Heather, you're right!! I went to the one in SLO and I was SO overwhelmed that I walked out with nothing! Luckily we're going back at the end of July (and staying within walking distance) so I'll have to go back and be more strategic with my shopping. It was almost like shopping overload after looking at all that stuff online for so long, there it was, in person! Ahhh, shopping! ;)

Lindsay said...

Love this outfit. And I think you're the best. Thanks for being a great cheerleader! :)


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